MojoMotor themes

One of the things that hasn’t really been made public about MojoMotor is that it has the ability to be themed. This option is available under Settings.

MojoMotor theme switcher

Its my vision that down the line we’ll be able to offer a few official themes, as well as offer community contributed themes. More focus on this will happen after the beta of course. For now though, I’ve been working on a little theme that I think will go over good with everyone. Now I’m not much of a graphic artist, but it’s pretty slick work (if I may be so humble) for a code monkey. It could use a minor bit of polish, but at the end of the day, there’s a little something for everyone.

If you ARE a graphic artist, please don’t be too critical, but I would be very interested to see what everyone thinks! If there’s enough interest, I’ll make it the default theme.

Want to see it? Keep reading!

MojoMotor, and my EECI2010 review


Well, finally back and enjoying the afterglow of another amazing experience; EECI 2010. Aside from the great things that happened to me personally (I’ll get to those in a moment), it was 3 days of pure and utter awesomeness for the whole ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter world. I’ll never get to hang out with a more awesome gang then the folks I meet through this world.

Rick Ellis said something unexpected and uniquely insightful during his keynote that really resonated with me. I don’t have the video in front of me for the exact words, but an accurate paraphrase would be “The community is where its at. In many ways, and all the important ones, the software is irrelevant.” As someone who has worked tirelessly over the last 3 or 4 years to build the software he’s referring to, I completely agree with this. The magic-sauce of EE and CI comes from the community of dedicated, passionate people around it. Its easy to forget that when we’re busy fighting deadlines and trying to fix IE bugs.

Now seems about as appropriate a time as any to extend my sincerest thanks to Robert Eerhart, Janneke van Amsterdam, and the entire Whoooz team. These folks put on one of the most professional, well organized, kick-ass experiences I’ve ever enjoyed. Every little detail was tended to, nothing was second rate - I wish I had Robert and Janneke organizing my day to day life… things would be so much better!


The highlight of the trip for me was finally getting to talk about MojoMotor. Mojo is something that I’ve been working on since around Christmas last year, and its been nearly everything I’ve been up to professionally for 5 months. Anyone who’s watched my keynote at EECI2009 knows that I’m a “social coder”. I crave community; and I consider nerding-out with other people to be foundational to the way I work. Keeping Mojo under wraps for 5 months has been killing me! I want to share, I want to say “hey, check out this cool thing I’ve been doing”, but we decided very early on that we wanted Mojo to come as a total surprise. Now that its out there, I’m glad we did.

Response to the news of Mojo has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m really hopeful that people will end up loving it as much as they love CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine. I few secret tidbits that not many people know about MojoMotor:

And of course, the journey is only just beginning for MojoMotor. The final round of beta testing with “real world” (ie: non-staff) testers is just getting underway, and after that we’re releasing. It’ll be in your hands quickly, I promise. The price has been set at $49.95. I’m looking forward to watching it mature and grow before our eyes.

Opening Firefox tabs at the end of the tab row

Firefox 3.6 was released today. I love it. Love it. One thing I wasn’t crazy about was a behaviour change when opening links in new tabs. Before 3.6, they opened at the end of the tab row, but now they open beside the tab you are currently on. Want to change it back?



CodeIgniter update, Jan 2010

There’s been some really neat activity on the CodeIgniter front recently. Great stuff.

Jamie Rumbelow has taken over as CodeIgniter Community Cheiftain, after an admirable job by the imminent Michael Wales. We’re lucky to have both as part of our community.

Rick Ellis has discovered Twitter (see him @rickellis) and is dropping all kinds of cool news about CI and EllisLab.

The CodeIgniter repository itself is getting a bit more love recently due to a few folks putting in their own time. Here’s how I spent my weekend (check out both the time (yup, 3am) and message of rev 1789 :)

Recent CI changelog activities

There’s a lot of exciting things ahead for the framework - its a great time to be involved!

The future of BambooInvoice 2009

BambooInvoice Screencap December 2009I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone about BambooInvoice. Although a new version hasn’t been released since April, it is still very much under active development. The next version will be 0.9, and features a series of enhancements to make Bamboo more flexible, robust, and suited to a broader array of uses.

Despite earlier concerns about my choice of license, I can definitively say that for the near future, BambooInvoice will remain GPL. If I do change the license, it will be to another Open Source license.

On a technical level, I’ve put up the project at GitHub ( as an experiment in using Git as a code repository. This is my first time working with the system, and while the code is up there now, I’m not sure I’ll stay with Git - although it does feel nice so far, working with Git is pretty different from what I’m used to with Subversion. At the very least, major versions of the code will be put up there (ie: releases).

To the question of when, I’m honestly not sure yet. Its pretty close, but there are a few important pieces not yet in place, and I don’t feel comfortable even giving estimates or guesses. I can say development on the next release has been fast and furious as time allows, however the release of ExpressionEngine 2 has been taking up all my time in the last few months. That said, there is real progress; most notably

A full rewrite of the tax system from the ground up. Unlimited taxes, configurably applied to your invoices and items.

Additionally, here’s a sampling of the current changelog:

Automatic screenshot sharing via DropBox on a Mac

A new small Mac app has been getting a bit of attention lately called TinyGrab. Its function is really straight-forward; it intercepts screen grabs you make and uploads them to its webserver for public sharing. Very nice little idea actually, and whenever I’ve needed to solve this task I’ve just used DropBox, which I am absolutely in love with (my DropBox referral link if you don’t have a free account yet).

So I got thinking, how can I automate this for my needs? First of all, I don’t want all my screenshots going up to DropBox, but I do want the ability to easily add them. A right-click option to “Send to DropBox” would be perfect. 10 seconds of Googling reveals Post to Dropbox Service by Oliver Stengele. It does exactly what I wanted… and why I hadn’t thought of looking for it before today is beyond me.

I made some quick adjustments; since I always wanted these sent to a subfolder called “Screenshots” I simply created it inside my Public DropBox folder.

Screenshots folder in Public DropBox

Addendum: I had a note here about changing your dropbox id to include “/screenshots” after it, but that isn’t needed with the new workflow files.

After the files are downloaded (there are 2 *.workflow files included, just move them into ~/Library/Services/) you’ll need to edit them to include your user id. This is where the path for DropBox comes from, so instead of making mine:

dropbox_id '906310' 

Make it:

dropbox_id 'whatever your dropbox id is' 

Addendum: I also changed the “Copy Finder Items” folder to “screenshots” in Automator. If you want to save yourself the trouble, here are my revised scripts (  Please note that you must change the “dropbox_id” line above in each to get it working. Do do that, just double-click on the workflow and it’ll open in automator. Then edit away!

And now anytime I’m ready to share a screenshot, I right click it and it is automatically moved into DropBox for me, and the URL is automagically copied to my clipboard.

Right-click context menu to send a file to DropBox



EE 2 Week Straggler: The Return of Derek Allard! (Interview)

Last week my good friends over at EE_Insider focused on the imminent release of EE 2.0. If you haven’t read it yet, go read it now. They feature articles, interviews, and news, and always with a bit of humour (yes Kenny…. there’s a “u” in that word). They asked me for an interview, but after EECI2009 my wife and I took a few more days to tour around Holland… and l long story short… the interview only got finished right now :)

Go read EE 2 Week Straggler: The Return of Derek Allard! (Interview) for my thoughts on the future of CodeIgniter, the development of EE 2.0, and what it means to unite CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine.

We had sent out a set of interview questions that we weren’t sure we would receive for ExpressionEngine 2 Week. Derek Allard, one of EllisLab’s developers, was on vacation. Since he’d been slaving away for years on EE 2, we gave him a free pass. But Derek is what the kids call a “trooper” and he came back to us this week with the answers! It turned out to be a really great interview, timely due to the discussion and popularity of CodeIgniter and EE, and we got permission from the ‘Lab to post it. So, EE denizens, it’s my pleasure to give you our interview with the great Derek Allard

Its sad to learn that spammers have a better vocabulary than me

Back when I first setup this blog, one of the first things I did was setup akismet to catch spam (Sidebar:huge props to Lodewijk “Low” Schutte for his article on setting up Akismet for ExpressionEngine). I just checked today for false positives, which I do every few days. Generally the spam is very easy to spot and I delete it sight unseen, but today I took the time to read the few spam comments that were caught. 8 of them were banal, but the 9th was hilarious.

Now I know that that they often try to decieve filters with Madlib style randomly made up sentences, but this one couldn’t have turned out any better.

Your blog was of armpit awesome again even though it was petrifying for me to flagulate what happened.You turned what could have been a very folderol thing into something side-splitting and positive. Do pick with care! Also you dwell portable radio news programme show.I betrothed you xoxox

And doubly funny is that “folderol” is actually a word.

fol⋅de⋅ral [fol-duh-ral]

1. mere nonsense; foolish talk or ideas.
2. a trifle; gimcrack; gew-gaw.

Its a sad day when I learn that spammers have a better vocabulary than you do. The good news is that “flagulate” is not a word, and I get to keep holding my head high!

EECI2009 all wrapped up, EE2 details announced

The last night of EECI2009 is coming to an end. What an amazing time I’ve had. I’ve been under a fair amount of stress prepping for it, getting my speech ready, and getting ExpressionEngine 2 ready for release on December 1(!!). But it was all worth it!

Les Camacho presenting at EECI2009

Our fearless President Leslie Camacho gave an amazing speech. As he said, the cone of silence has been lifted! Highlights? Pricing details, licensing details and a release date! Exciting times. Punchline? Non-commercial License, $149. Commercial License,$299. Upgrade, $50. Coming (as stated) December 1.

Derek Allard presenting at EECI2009

I also had the opportunity to speak. “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants : How Community Shapes Development in EllisLab” went very well. It was recorded, and I’ll share the video here when its made available. In the meantime, here are my slides. I’ll be out of commission for about a week, but when I find more time I’ll post another blog entry summarizing and complementing the presentation for anyone who couldn’t be there.

Edit: the video is now available. EECI2009 Videos and Slides page, or directly on Vimeo.

A group of spectacular speakers at EECI 2009

I met an amazing group of folks, and this time I had a chance to hang out with some real superstars of the community. Everyone is just as awesome as you might think.

Whooz! WebMedia hosting EECI2009

The city that hosted us, Leiden, is of course stunning; and our hosts from Whooz! WebMedia (particularly the eminent Robert Eerhart) made us feel welcome and wanted.

Beautiful Leiden, Netherlands

And now, I’m off to enjoy a (frankly, well deserved) few days of R & R with my beautiful wife storming around Europe!

Late Night Twitter Fun

In a late-night bout of work, boredom and tiredness crept in. In that magical moment, this seemed incredibly funny. I wish now we’d thought to hashtag it first.

Twitter Fun