CodeIgniter Libraries in subfolders

Quietly last night CodeIgniter gained the oft-requested ability to load libraries from subfolders.

Added the ability to store libraries in subdirectories within either the main “libraries” or the local application “libraries” folder.

Many more good things abound in CI-land.

Where’s that file coming from?

Courtesy of PHP::Impact ( [str Blog] ), here's a detailed "map" of the CodeIgniter system's file structure when loading files. Its beautiful.

CodeIgniter File structure

Cool Stuff for Cool People

Man there’s good stuff on the net, and sometimes I even get a moment to read it!

BambooInvoice 0.86 Release

Get it while its hot!  BambooInvoice 0.86 features a slew of features and bug fixes including some obvious and useful ones, as well as a few treats. 

For full details, see the changelog.

Turning off smileys in iChat 4

Instant message has become a part of my daily life.  I use it pretty much non stop for work, and my work involves writing a lot of code.  It isn’t uncommon for me to send something like

if ($a=($b+$c)) 

I like iChat (Adium of course is the old favourite, but hasn’t been used much since I moved to Leopard and Apple improved iChat so much), but sometimes it’s too cute for its own good.  This is especially true of the “helpful” way it converts :) and ;) into :) and ;) respectively. Helpful in the same way that Clippy was helpful.

This behaviour gets very annoying when one is trying to look at code.  The above code example becomes if ($a=($b+$c)).  You can image how annoying this is when every third line of chat is code.  So I went hunting through the iChat preferences to find a little box I could uncheck and turn off smileys, only there was no box to be found.

A quick trip through google didn’t turn up too much either, but I was able to figure out where iChat kept its preferences for that.  A minute later, I had figured out a way to turn them off.  Here’s how:

Browse to /Applications/, and “Show Package Contents”.
Show Package Contents

Next up, browse into Contents/Resources/English.lproj and look for a file called SmileyTable.plist.  This is where all the smiley definitions are stored.  Without it, iChat can’t translate smiles, so rename it to “SmileyTable.plist.banished”.  If you ever want smileys back, just reverse the process!

code with no smiles in it

There, that feels better ;)

My robots have taken over Firefox 3

Or maybe… just maybe… the Firefox team has been plotting all along, and have actually taken over my site.  Oh well, I can think of many worse things!

If you’re on Firefox 3, then type about:robots into your location bar.


Brilliant, funny, witty.  Robots.  What’s not to love?  This is the second time Firefox 3 has impressed me with their wit.  I also wrote about Beta software? Firefox “gets it” last year.

CodeIgniter 1.6.3 & ExpressionEngine 1.6.4 released

Despite mad work going into ExpressionEngine 2 development, we’ve still be heavily focused on keeping our current products the best we can.  To that end, today we managed to eek both a new version of CI and EE out the door.  While relatively light on new features (there are some nifty ones in there though) the main thrust was a significant improvement to the Input library for both security and performance.  To this end, I’d like to publicly express my gratitude to Pascal Kriete (Inparo), whose tireless efforts helped us immensely.

EllisLab Developer Summit 2008

Time for a little self imposed isolation. For the next 2 weeks, I’m living, breathing, and dreaming ExpressionEngine as me and Derek Jones have left the comfy confines of our homes to drop into the quiet little town of Portland for some serious “think time”.  Over the next 14 days I’ll be considerably less active then usual, as I try to put all my energy into developing.  Most of the crew live in and around Portland, so I’ll get the opportunity to finally meet our new Code Mechanic Jesse Hurlburt face to face, bring Lisa a big plaque picture of all of us as our superhero selves, and get beaten up by Rick (that’s what you get for working for a bjj expert).  Good times.

I’ll try to post images and updates as I go, but I didn’t bring a camera, so I’ll be relying on the charity of strangers, and my macbook’s built in camera.

Things worth reading

I've been kind of in isolation the last week or so, (more on that in another post) and I've not even taken the time to read my RSS feeds latesy, only skimming a few things here and there, or marking things for reading later. So today, I had a bit of time, and boy am I glad I took the time to re-visit those! Here are a few wonderful things worth your time to read.

Man, there was some good stuff on tap! Something from each of those will be making their way into my work in the very near future.

BambooInvoice 0.86 preview

I've released a preview copy of 0.8.6 here.

If you've got an adventurous spirit, give it a whirl, if no bugs are found, it will form the basis of the next release.

Keep reading to see the changelog.