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CodeIgniter Directory is aims to become a centralized point to find resources for CodeIgniter, an Open Source PHP framework . You will find here CodeIgniter related blog links, websites, tutorials, applications and libraries or helpers that will help you in your everyday programmer’s life - description stolen blatantly and unapologetically from their about page ;)

New look for, and the GREATEST about us page of all time got a bit of an over-hauling yesterday by Rick.  The new site is much more spacious and clean, and well… sexier.  Now normally a site redesign would be a one line entry, or possibly no entry at all, but this new site brings something very, very cool with it.  It features what I consider (without overstatement) to be the greatest company profile pages of all time. Each of the EllisLab staff have been masterfully illustrated as a super hero.  The results are positively stunning.

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Swedish Language Pack for CodeIgniter 1.6

BambooInvoice user Mikael Johansson has graciously translated the application into Swedish (thanks Mikael!) but also extended the translation to include all of CodeIgniter, so I now very proudly offer the Swedish Language pack for CI 1.6.x.

CodeIgniter 1.6.2 Released

Yesterday I mentioned that a new release of CodeIgniter was right around the corner.  Well, today we made it official and released CodeIgniter 1.6.2.

As always, a lot of work has gone into it.  Thirty four (at last count) new features or enhancements are in there, notably including speed and security related code.  The File Helper has seen a series of new capabilities added into it, a Compatibility Helper was added for those of you still stuck on PHP4.  Also, the Zip library is remarkably faster.  Each of those last 2 contributions came from the community (thanks Seppo and StanleyXu) as well as many, many smaller fixes shared by the CI community.  CI rocks.

Paired with this release is the introduction of Tags in the Subversion server for version snapshots.  CLI geeks, starting with version 1.6.1, you can checkout/export full release versions directly from Subversion.

There aren’t any “earth shattering” changes here, but CodeIgniter should now run smoother, faster, and be more friendly.  Also, some groundwork has been laid for some larger changes in the next release.

CodeIgniter1.6.2 just around the corner

I just wrote this on the CodeIgniter forums.

There’s been some notable work dropped into CodeIgniter recently. We’re working on finishing up a few things for a 1.6.2 release. A few noteworthy items include enhancements to Active Record, a new compatibility helper to allow the use of several common PHP5 only functions in PHP4 and come enhancements/behavioural changes in unit testing, form, url, directory and download helpers.

There have been several speed and security enhancements as well, in both CI “proper” (and various libraries and helpers), and of course, the usual round of bug fixes and doc changes. In fact the documentation has grown by 2 pages (Reserved names and Common functions).

If you want to leave a note, by all means feel free. I'm closing comments on this post to keep everything in one place (in this case, the CI forums).

CodeIgniter textmate bundle and other stuff that’s saving me time

I was thrilled to see that there was an update yesterday to the CodeIgniter Textmate bundle for CI 1.6.  If you use Textmate or E-Texteditor (Windows) then download it and give it a shot.  Nice work… thanks, I’m using it right now!

A few other little utilities I’ve been getting a lot of use out of recently.  The first is the excellent clipboard utility Jumpcut.  It keep track of the last 10 (that’s configurable) things that you’ve copied and makes them available to you.
jumpcut screenshot

There are also handy keyboard shortcuts to get at it.  Normally not super-useful, but I’ve been doing a lot of work that has needed me to copy and paste language keys, and this let’s me buffer up a whole page worth of


and paste it all at once.  Sure faster then copy > flip page > paste > flip back > copy > flip page > paste > repeat again and again.  Its also open sourced under the MIT License.

Another great little tool I’ve discovered recently is for my mouse.  I’m one of those guys that needs and uses the 4th and 5th buttons on my mouse.  The left I use for copying, and the right for paste (see a pattern here), but in Leopard, those buttons default to… jeez I don’t remember… Expose I think.  Reconfiguring them was a bit of a pain.  Fortunately, I found the excellent USB Overdrive, which you can use to re-program your mouse buttons.  Aside from having what might be the ugliest website I’ve seen this year, the little shareware application has been fantastic, and is well worth plunking down my $20 for it (although to be clear, the downloaded version is 100% functional and remains so).

On the topic, other little known utilities that I love include caffeine (temporarily prevent your computer from sleeping) and AppDelete (gets rid of stray files when deleting a program).  That’s hardly an exhaustive list… just 2 little quickies for anyone reading this ;)

Video-casts coming

I haven’t written here in a while, and I’m feeling pretty guilty about it. I’ve been focusing all my time on programming, and just haven’t been exploring “interesting” things as much as I usually do, so therefore not much to write about.  Anyhow, that’s going to change.  In the next little while I’ll be producing a few more video casts focused on CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine.  I’m going to start from the perspective of how I set things up, and then expand from there, hopefully spanning a few videos to finish everything off as I need to.

I’m also about a week away from getting to re-visit some of the core functionality of CodeIgniter.  We want to reconsider paging, validation, and a few little things here and there.  But that doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting still!  Since the release of CodeIgniter 1.6.1, there have been 56 updates to the svn.  18 of them were documentation fixes - I often hear criticism along the lines of “I checked the CodeIgniter svn, but its mostly documentation fixes”; and while I know where this is coming from (as developers we want shiny new features), the documentation is among the biggest “features” of the framework.  But there were also many important security fixes, enhancements and other nice-ities in there.  Check it out (what a clever play on words).

Also, as of right now this second, nobody has been hired into the 2 positions available at EllisLab, and if you’ve been sitting on the fence, get your name in there.

Want to work on at EllisLab?

Exciting news, EllisLab is hiring 2 new technical positions.  You can read more on the EllisLab jobs page, so I won’t rehash things here, but they are 2 great opportunities to get in with a cool company, working on exciting stuff, with a bunch of smart, interesting people.

If you’ve been thinking about it, and are interested in working with ExpressionEngine, CodeIgniter, and the amazing communities around each, we’d love to hear from you.

ExpressionEngine 2.0: fully CodeIgnited!

There’s been much discussion about ExpressionEngine 2.0, and a big part of the excitement is the new CodeIgniter base.  I’ve written a bog entry at EllisLab entitled ExpressionEngine 2.0: fully CodeIgnited! that deals with some of the implication of this great news.

I’m closing comments on this thread, but if you’d like to comment, please comment on the blog post itself.

Its a great time to be a nerd!

South by Southwest 2008 : Day One

Preamble: Since I had my laptop in front of me all day, I decided on a stream-of-consciousness post.  If you’re looking for juicy CodeIgniter or EE news and not interested in my comings and goings then I’d advise you to skip today and read tomorrow. ;)

Getting to Austin was much nicer this year.  Specifically, customs was much nicer.  In fact, it was downright uneventful.  I got to the gate uneventfully, and opened up lappy and started hacking away on EE for the demo.  A little voice in the back of my head was telling me that its dumb to do that at 5:30am without a full cup of coffee in me… but there’s always work to be done.  Duty calls!

The little girl beside me has an unhealthy fascination with the glowing apple on my black laptop, demanding that the people around us look at, (at about 260 decibels).  All she manages to say to me is “the soap is sticky”.  Strange kid.

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