Code Ingiter video tutorial

There’s been some interest in the past for video tutorials that are a bit more advanced.

What I’ve done is created a 20 minute (yeah, I wish it was shorter too) video tutorial where I tried to use some advanced techniques. In it, I tried to hit on AJAX usage, the scriptaculous library for both visual effects and an autocompleting search form, models, and unobtrusive javascript techniques.

This is not a gentle introduction into Code Igniter. I spend hardly any time explaining how to set up controllers and views. The target audience is really people who have hacked around with CI a bit, and are wanting some insight into how somebody else does it. I don’t claim my techniques are perfect, but I’m betting that a little insight into someone else’s mind might be useful, and I think generally web devs could benefit from more CSS and unobtrusive javascript.

Microformats helper for Code Igniter

Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards.

I’ve written and posted a Microformats Helper on the Code Igniter wiki. This helper is meant to ease the creation of various well known microformats. Currently, the most popular hCard format is supported. Edit: license is also now supported.

RSS in Firefox

Do you use RSS? Really Simple Syndication is a super convenient way of tracking your favourite news and general "goings on".

When Internet Explorer releases version 7 later this year it will include the ability to read RSS… but if you want to be one of the cool kids, you can enjoy the benefits now with Firefox. Need a quick primer on RSS? Here's a great resource.

Firefox can take advantage of RSS in 2 ways.

Step-by-step, Practical Encryption with WinPT

A quickstart guide for GPG encryption using Windows Privacy Tools (WinPT) for Windows users.

Top 8 Cool things you can do with Firefox

Firefox is one of my favourite peices of software. Fast, secure, and most of all, open source. Even though I've been using it since its "beta" days, I continue to learn new tricks. There are many lists like this on the net, but I haven't found this stuff collected in one place before, so here are some of my favourite Firefox tips. I decided to stop at 8... I know 10 is cooler, but adding 2 more would take "filler".