All your are belong to us

They’re coming…
Conquering the worlds of web design

New design on the way.  Same human killing… different robots!  I’ll be posting a few blog entries about how I managed the transition of a new site using ExpressionEngine, as well as a few of the tips and tricks that went into its development.  More on the way shortly.


Stanislav Majerski wrote on

I bet you’ve seen this, still this post reminded me of the song “The Humans are dead” by The flight of the concords.


Emile Bourquin wrote on

While we’re on the subject of songs / theme connections, I always thought of this as the soundtrack for the Kill All Humans theme:

Greg Aker wrote on

Look forward to seeing what the diabolical robots command you to do =)

Adam Griffiths wrote on

Sounds great, can’t wait to see the new theme!

Adin W wrote on

The title of this blog sounds like some of the string resources you see when a developers application doesn’t get reviewed by QA.

I’ve been developing a friends site with CI 1.7.0 and it’s been a real pleasure not having to build all that infrastructure from the ground up.

I’m looking forward to EE 2.0 and anything new you guys at Ellis Labs deliver.

Evan Byrne wrote on

All your base are belong to us! Love it! I can’t wait to see the new design.

Philip Sturgeon wrote on

I’ll take the old one off your hands. ;-)

Jared wrote on

I’m sure you’re hard at work, but it’s been two weeks. That’s 2352, minus time sleeping under your “desk.” Status? EE 2.0? Anything?