Apple Store service, the way service should be

Apple Store Yorkdale Mall Late last week I flipped open my macbook, and was surprised that the battery was totally dead.  I thought I had charged it, but there was no power. Turns out, even plugging it in didn’t help, the battery simply wouldn’t accept a charge, and the macbook (when plugged in) was telling me it couldn’t even detect the battery.  I’ve had this particular laptop since March ‘07.  D’oh!

A quick google search indicated that a few others had reported similar issues, and were nearly always resolved by getting a new battery, many people even mentioned that Apple had taken care of it for them.  So I decided today to drop into the Apple Store at Yorkdale Mall and see if they can help me.  What an absolutely fabulous experience

Here’s how it went down: I walked into the (packed) store and made my way to the genius bar.  I was hoping to schedule an appointment, but the digital sign said that all appointments were booked for the day.  As I was deciding how I’d handle it a cute and energetic representative approached me and asked if I needed a hand.  I relayed the battery story to her, and she politely asked if I had an appointment with the genius bar.  I told her I didn’t, and before I could get another word out she said “one sec, I’ll get someone to help you”.

About 15 seconds later another cute rep in a different coloured shirt comes over and listens to the story.  She asked how old it was, and I said “a year and a bunch of months” (I couldn’t exactly remember).  She types my name into the computer, tells me with a smile that she’ll be right back, and walks into the back.  A minute later she emerges with a brand new battery and a receipt for me.

“Here you go.”
“Wow, anything I need to sign?”
“Nope, you should be all set.”

A quick test to verify it actually did solve my problem and I walked out in under 5 minutes, very happy, with a new battery, and a renewed appreciation for service.  The experience was inspiring, and I hope each person who deals with me, and with EllisLab feels the same way.

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Daniel Decker wrote on

Derek, I have always felt that EllisLab was very similar to Apple in many ways. You all make great products that inspire others to do wonderful things, and you do so with grace and humility. So, Mission Accomplished, I’d say.

Tobz wrote on

Hi Derek,
Just to clarify, did you actually pay for the new battery? or was it covered by warranty/apple prot

Gabe wrote on

Are the EllisLab employees as “cute and energetic” as the Mac store’s?

Derek wrote on

did you actually pay for the new battery?

Nope, the battery was replaced at no cost, and I don’t know under what provision. I had purchased Applecare when I bought the laptop, but I didn’t think it covered batteries, I’m not sure.

Are the EllisLab employees as “cute and energetic” as the Mac store’s?

Well, d’uh, of course!  Some people would say I’m biased though… but those people would be wrong.

Troy wrote on

Hey Derek,
I had the EXACT same experience with my MBP. I walked in, all appointments booked, but within 25 minutes I walked out with a brand new battery. I, however, didn’t consider the apple rep all that cute ... but my wife did.

Pascal wrote on

The exact same thing happened to my macbook battery.  Called up Apple and told them what happened.  They sent me new one - overnight shipping - had it the very next day.  They even provided a return box for the old one - postage, et al.
Incredible customer support.

Jamie Rumbelow wrote on

Apple service is fab in Grand Arcade, Cambridge too. It’s a testiment to how mcuh apple care about their customers that your story is positive.

shocki wrote on

MAC Service must be really different in the states. At least here in Germany Apples Service is terrible and actually stops from buying a MAC.

Matthew Fedak wrote on

Apple service is great in Leicester, UK where I live too! They have just opened a new store in a new shopping centre. Would buy a new mac from there but its so busy there is a queu to get in.