Bamboo Invoice is no longer actively maintained

Thank you Bamboo Invoice users for a wonderful 7 year run. It is with mixed emotions that I write this, but the BambooInvoice project is no longer actively maintained.

Bamboo began as a "scratch my own itch" side project. It was 2006, and I was an independent freelance PHP developer. Ruby on Rails was getting a lot of attention, and "frameworks" were only just starting to work their way into the collective PHP consciousness. Like many developers, I began exploring the (relatively few) options for PHP frameworks. Having finally settled on CodeIgniter, I set to build something with it as a way of running it through its paces. Thus, with a need to keep better track of my client invoices, and an urge to experiment, BambooInvoice was born.

That lead to wonderful opportunities for me, including a substantive run with CodeIgniter's parent company, EllisLab. I was blessed to work every day with a passionate community to build CodeIgniter into something I was very proud of in those early days. As the years went on, the owners of CodeIgniter and some of its development community drifted. I would count myself among them. These days most of my time is spent with Laravel, and while I still immensely respect the framework and community, the license change and architectural choices in CI 2.0 are difficult to reconcile against my current beliefs and goals, and after a great deal of time considering the best move for me and this project, I've decided to stop personally developing it.

What now?

There's a bright light on the horizon! Pancake App is a self-hosted invoicing tool, very similar in design to Bamboo Invoice, only with much broader goals. At this stage, it is notably much more powerful and capable than Bamboo.

I know, trust, and stand behind the team who developed and run Pancake. They've taken great pains to build a user-friendly, powerful, self-hosted invoicing solution that is as close to what I would build if I were doing Bamboo commercially as I could imagine. I've made the switch myself :)

Pancake includes an importer for all your existing Bamboo information, so if you wanted to switch also, its a straight forward process. Pancake is also a technical improvement over Bamboo. Files can be shared, payments can be collected online, time tracking, project management... the list goes on, and the feature set is impressive.

But if you want to keep using Bamboo, that's great also! Bamboo still works great for thousands of users, and despite my relative absentee leadership for the last 2 years, continues to grow and thrive within its own eco-system.

Thanks for your support over the years!

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