BambooInvoice 0.88 is out, and has 2 very popular features

I'm proud to announce that BambooInvoice 0.88 is ready and all wrapped up! The changelog is pretty substantial, and in fact the underlying code has undergone some pretty big overhauls. A few highlights include: enabling of email functionality when invoice is closed; invoices now detail amount paid and owing if an invoice has partial payments applied to it; a "tax code" field has been added to client information (particularly useful for countries that require printing a client's taxcode by law); a hidden config variable has been added to allow the separator between dollars and cents to be a non '.' if wanted (for example $24,67) and; the whole system is now subclassed under a new controller for login and other tasks.

Most of that stuff won't mean much to most users. The "big" changes for this version are the inclusion of 2 oft-requested features.

  1. The ability to duplicate invoices
  2. Multiple Admin accounts

The ability to duplicate invoices

Let's face it. A lot of the work we do from day to day of similar, if not the same. Having a few invoices that are nearly the same is not uncommon. Now featured in Bamboo is the ability to instantly duplicate an existing invoice. Simply look for the new "duplicate invoice" option in the action menu.

After you duplicate an invoice, all the line items, invoice data, and financial details are retained, and you use this as a starting point for your new invoice. Bamboo will automatically advance your invoice number using the same system it uses for all new invoices (generally this is incremental). Of course, after an invoice is duplicated it is treated exactly the same as any other invoice.

Hopefully this will save a few people a few minutes every day!

Multiple Admin accounts

Another request I hear a lot is for Bamboo to allow for more the 1 administrative login. This way, an account could be tied to something else (say for example, an already existing CMS or CRM) and would allow multiple people access your invoices, while keeping the privacy of passwords, and convenience of separate accounts.

What you see above is the new "Accounts" menu option (clicky, clicky). It replaces the "Help" menu, which is frankly not very helpful. Help hasn't vanished, but rather is shifted into the upper right corner with the logout option. The Accounts page itself is also in the preview above. It is very, very simple. You have a list of all accounts, each with a "delete" link for removal.

Each login is considered an "admin" by the system. They have full admin control, and power to do anything and everything in the system except remove the primary account. This is not a way of allowing clients to login to see their invoices (although such a feature may make an appearance in the future). To be clear, there is no tracking (ie: you can't tell which user marked an invoice as paid), this is simply a feature to allow a more varied way of accessing Bamboo.

I've reused the icon I already had for clients. I'm not happy with this - if anyone wants to help out with a client icon I'd happily take a look (hint, hint, hint).

I'm hoping these features are helpful to you, and that Bamboo continues to help you stay sane despite the drudgery of paper-pushing and invoice making.

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Jase wrote on

I really like the ‘Duplication’ feature.

After updating, I did notice mention of the reporting feature, and was unsure if that is reporting to you the use of the software or you mean the reporting feature within it.

I remember one software item I installed long ago (nothing of yours) sent a full email of all the server details, install details etc… to the developer.

Maybe use a padlock for the accounts icon and keep the clients icon as it is?

- Jase.

Derek wrote on

Padlock is a good idea, nice call.

Reporting means “user reports”, ie, reports for you.  Bamboo does NOT report anything back to me.  The only time Bamboo ever contacts an external server is if you use the “check for new version” feature, and even then all it does is grab a number from a server, it sends no identifiable information.

Glad the duplication will be helpful to you!

Rob wrote on

Hi Derek,

I’ve been trying to log in to the BambooInvoice Demo but get “No input file specified.”..

Just thought I’d let you know.. The new version looks great..