BambooInvoice 0.86 preview

I've released a preview copy of 0.8.6 here.

If you've got an adventurous spirit, give it a whirl, if no bugs are found, it will form the basis of the next release.

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aaron wrote on

how much of a pain is it to upgrade from 0.8.3 to 0.86?

Derek wrote on

Back up your data and give it a whirl.  I’m hoping it’ll be smooth, but you’ll need to be at least at 0.8.3 to make the jump, so grab 0.8.4 first and then immediately go to 0.8.6

You may rather just go to 0.8.5 first until 6 is out of testing… not sure - depends on how much you like to walk on the wild side ;)

Jeff wrote on

Nice! I like the password change feature. A lot easier than having to go uncomment the code from the login controller.
The more fixes/features the more I find that I like BambooInvoice.

Ankur Jain wrote on

Looking even better Derek. Work of a genius I have to say! Keep it up!

Nicholas wrote on

I have emailed you my 0.82 database dump last week, please do assist in the conversion, thanks!

Dev Team wrote on

Getting better and moved to the right direction.

Keep it up
Team DH

Andre wrote on

BambooInvoice rox but… allow me to give you a feedback? What about having a “contact detail” tab on the create new client section? I found that part of the interface a little bit confusing.

Great work!

Derek wrote on

@Nicholas: yes I did get this, but it was I think a week after I had made the initial offer, and I just got swamped in the meantime.  I’ll try to get around to checking it out.

@Andre: There are client notes available now… is that what you mean?  If not, why don’t you make a feature request and we’ll look at it in the forums.

dietmar wrote on

looks really good and impressive easy to use. Are you planning to provide multi-currency support in the future? If yes do you already have a timeframe?

Derek wrote on

Thanks Dietmar.  Its something I’m looking at, but no time frame.