BambooInvoice 0.86 Release

Get it while its hot!  BambooInvoice 0.86 features a slew of features and bug fixes including some obvious and useful ones, as well as a few treats. 

For full details, see the changelog.

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Christian wrote on

Grrreat! I like this application a lot. It’s actually one of the apps I used while learning CodeIgniter, and it helped me out and gave inspiration quite much. I will surely have a look at this new version.

Thanks for your effort, Derek!

(by the way, you really need to fix up some real tabindex on this form)

Ramon wrote on

Hi Derek, great job :) .. have found a bug ?? not sure if its my system or not .. edit invoice-> new item button does not work just scrolls the page up. (its almost like an anchor link) I havent had a look at the code yet .. but I thought I would post before just in case im doing something wrong.—just had a thought .. do you have a forum ?, if so where do I find it ?

Derek wrote on would be your best bet Ramon.