BambooInvoice featured in December Linux Pro Magazine

Linux Pro Magazine: DecemberWhat a fun holiday surprise!  Linux Pro Magazine has a wonderful article in its December issue called Smooth Solution: BambooInvoice web-based invoicing solution, which is (not surprisingly) an article about one users experience installing and using BambooInvoice.  Its wonderfully satisfying to see the popularity of Bamboo steadily climb - makes me feel like I’m on the right track.

Thank you to the author, Dmitri Popov.  Your article really expressed what I try to make BambooInvoice;  simple, uncomplicated, uncluttered.  Also thanks to Linux Magazine, who have made the article freely available as a PDF online (but go buy an issue anyhow!).  I hope this exposes many more people to Bamboo, and the article was certainly written in a way that will facilitate new users to come aboard.  Dmitri walks through setting up a host, configuring Bamboo, and setting up your first client, as well as brief introductions to the process of invoice creation and reports (which I’m proud to hear he reports as “mostly self explanatory”).

screenshots of article in Linux Magazine about BambooInvoice

I was also very pleased to read the final words of the article:

...the lack of a proper system in place can seriously disrupt your daily work and make the process of running your own business rather frustrating.  BambooInvoice helps you avoid that by giving you simple yet effective tools for generating invoice and keeping tabs on them.

This is exactly why I developed Bamboo in the first place.  The next version will be ready to go soon.  Most of the changes are already made, and while they are mostly compatibility changes and UI adjustments, there are a few nice things in there that I think most people will welcome and enjoy.  I’m also proud to say that the number of languages Bamboo is able to support is steadily growing, and it looks like Indonesian and Danish will be added shortly.

The project itself will continue to grow, as every few weeks I find new things that I’d like to see myself in a program like Bamboo.  Additionally, as more and more coders are picking it up, it means that the number of people offering suggestions, enhancements and code is growing.  It looks like very shortly Bamboo will hit “critical mass”, and become a self-sustaining project with a vibrant community and dedicated users.  To all Bamboo users - thank you; and if you have a need to track invoices and haven’t yet checked it out, please consider giving it a shot!

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BoltClock wrote on

Congrats Derek! It’s always nice to see your project get featured in a publication, especially something as big as Linux Magazine :D

Derek Jones wrote on

Combolations, Elizagurth!

John wrote on

Wow, you must be pretty stoked about that. Good work Derek, i’m still using and enjoying bambooinvoice myself!

Jauhari wrote on

I am happy hear it, I am one of the big fan of BambooInvoice.

Tommy M. wrote on

What they need is a free, advertiser-free, online payment enabled Invoicing system. The first one to come up with that automatically wins.

Tony Mc Guire wrote on

Hi Derek,

Thank you for a great way to do invoices online, I have been using it a few weeks now and it is great as I a use a mac and also Acer aspire one so keeping track of invoices has come easy as 123