BambooInvoice will remain GPL

With the next release of BambooInvoice nearly ready to go, and probably set for release within 24 hours, I’ve needed to finally decide which license I’ll be releasing it under.  If I were going to change it, this update would be a logical one since there are so many foundational changes to the underlying code. But for now, Bamboo will remain GPL.

That said, I’ve decided to continue to release BabooInvoice under the GPL, and I guess I can only ask that people not try to pass it off as their work.  Thanks to everyone who wrote me both on this blog and privately.  The general sentiment from people who identified themselves as Bamboo users was “hey, as long as I can keep using it, do whatever you want… its your software”, which was pretty cool I do have to admit.

I do though want to mention that any change in license would have been made on philosophical grounds, not an “enforcement” one.  The argument that people would continue to “steal*” it no matter what license I used is irrelevant to me - the license is about how I want my software to relate to its users, not about “protecting” myself.  Bamboo has always been about 2 things; scratching an itch, and serving as a proving and learning grounds for CodeIgniter.

So onto happier matters!  The license will remain unchanged, and the next version of Bamboo is (if I can say so myself) pretty kick-ass.

Watch this space for an update!  I have to get it that next version out shortly, so that I’m not too distracted and can keep up with my new duties at EllisLab. ;)

* I do not consider someone taking Bamboo and claiming it as their own “theft” per se, that’s just a convenient word here.

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