CodeIgniter update, Jan 2010

There’s been some really neat activity on the CodeIgniter front recently. Great stuff.

Jamie Rumbelow has taken over as CodeIgniter Community Cheiftain, after an admirable job by the imminent Michael Wales. We’re lucky to have both as part of our community.

Rick Ellis has discovered Twitter (see him @rickellis) and is dropping all kinds of cool news about CI and EllisLab.

The CodeIgniter repository itself is getting a bit more love recently due to a few folks putting in their own time. Here’s how I spent my weekend (check out both the time (yup, 3am) and message of rev 1789 :)

Recent CI changelog activities

There’s a lot of exciting things ahead for the framework - its a great time to be involved! Also, allow me to address 1 more quick thing:

When is CI 2 coming out, what will be in it?

There’s no set date. There’s no set criteria for release either. Beyond what is in the SVN I can’t tell you what will be in there. The decision for when to release (correctly) sits in the capable hands of the EllisLab CTO.

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Philip Sturgeon wrote on

Great news. I spotted Rick Ellis on Twitter earlier today and I am impressed with the news he is dropping.

A few of us sad enough to follow the commit logs have noticed the increase in commits and that makes me very happy too.

Now, if you guys would just get CodeIgniter on GitHub we could really watch the improvements fly in… ;-)

Geoff Cowan wrote on

Great to see CI getting lots of love. 

Exciting times for people in both the EE camp and the CI world :)

Tomaž Muraus wrote on

Great news, keep it up.

I agree that getting CodeIgniter on GitHub would speed up the development and we could all greatly benefit from it.

And of course, this would also make CodeIgniter truly “open” project where everyone can contribute to.

CakePHP has recently migrated to GitHub and they have received a nice boost in development.

Otar Chekurishvili wrote on

Nice news, especially glad to head about Rick Ellis’s twitting…

But I still don’t understand why do you people use SVN when there is a BETTER and easier way to manage source code. Is there any special reason?

Otar Chekurishvili wrote on

Ups… forgot to mention distributed SCM like Git or Mercurial.

Adam Griffiths wrote on

Rick being on Twitter and dropping some news on the prototype ACL stuff is interesting.

I just want to see CodeIgniter on Github now instead of SVN so we can really follow it all. With much more ease and fork off projects to tinker with it and possibly even get contributions into the main repo.

As for CI 2.0? Meh, I’m waiting on 2.1. I’ve heard *that* will be a real treat. inject_beef() anyone? ;)

Aziz Light wrote on

That is great news indeed.

Fro those interested, there is an SVN clone updated hourly via script on GitHub. I followed all the commits there this weekend:

trs21219 wrote on

I’m with phil and adam here, CI needs an official github repo for bug fixes and code pulls.

Philip Sturgeon wrote on

@adam You know that short of me, you, a handful of CI forum users and the idiots developing MySource Matrix CMS; NOBODY knows what inject_beef() is :-p

Adam Griffiths wrote on

@phil That makes it all the more interesting. :P