EECI2009 all wrapped up, EE2 details announced

The last night of EECI2009 is coming to an end. What an amazing time I’ve had. I’ve been under a fair amount of stress prepping for it, getting my speech ready, and getting ExpressionEngine 2 ready for release on December 1(!!). But it was all worth it!

Les Camacho presenting at EECI2009

Our fearless President Leslie Camacho gave an amazing speech. As he said, the cone of silence has been lifted! Highlights? Pricing details, licensing details and a release date! Exciting times. Punchline? Non-commercial License, $149. Commercial License,$299. Upgrade, $50. Coming (as stated) December 1.

Derek Allard presenting at EECI2009

I also had the opportunity to speak. “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants : How Community Shapes Development in EllisLab” went very well. It was recorded, and I’ll share the video here when its made available. In the meantime, here are my slides. I’ll be out of commission for about a week, but when I find more time I’ll post another blog entry summarizing and complementing the presentation for anyone who couldn’t be there.

Edit: the video is now available. EECI2009 Videos and Slides page, or directly on Vimeo.

A group of spectacular speakers at EECI 2009

I met an amazing group of folks, and this time I had a chance to hang out with some real superstars of the community. Everyone is just as awesome as you might think.

Whooz! WebMedia hosting EECI2009

The city that hosted us, Leiden, is of course stunning; and our hosts from Whooz! WebMedia (particularly the eminent Robert Eerhart) made us feel welcome and wanted.

Beautiful Leiden, Netherlands

And now, I’m off to enjoy a (frankly, well deserved) few days of R & R with my beautiful wife storming around Europe!


leo wrote on


Matthew Pennell wrote on

Great to see you again, Derek, and to meet your lovely wife. Hope you guys have a fun week in Holland!

James Parker wrote on

I want some more information about EECI2009

[note from Derek: just follow the links James]

Teejay wrote on

Now that’s something. Perhaps December 1 is a good day to buy EE 2.0 :)

Phil Sturgeon wrote on

It was great to finally meet you dude, along with so many other CodeIgniter nerds.

That said it was a shame I didn’t get a chance to squeeze more information out of you. Not much was said about the future of CodeIgniter.

Thanks for sitting through my talk! :-$

Udi Mosayev wrote on

Wow. I wish I was there.

You’re planning having this conference next year too?

Teejay Obazee wrote on

I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t seem to see your slides you uploaded. Some error shows up.

Teejay Obazee wrote on

Ok. Got it working. I guess the error was just temporary.

UltraBob wrote on

Was *this* close to convincing my employer to send me to the conference.  Sounds like I missed out.

Roy wrote on

Hey Derek… Can’t wait for EE 2.0…. looks awesome… I’m just getting into EE, so i’ll be emailing you with a million questions (that was a joke btw… i’ll be using EE support forums).. lol.. i know that was mean.. talk to you soon!