EllisLab Business Card

Hot on the trail of my last post (”Coolest business card I’ve ever seen”) Lookie what arrived in the mail today.

EllisLab Business Card

I have to admit, I love them. I think its the perfect mix of playful and professional, and really captures the spirit of ExpressionEngine. The text is a little hard to read, but on the back it reads:

{exp:robots orders=“kill all humans”}

If you’re an EE user, you’ll recognize the {exp} syntax right away, and of course the other bits are my website (d’uh) and my Twitter. I’m thinking about writing in an {exp:robots} easter egg now, just for people who get my card! (yeah, ok, I won’t, but let’s just say that robots may make an appearance in EE2).

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Shne wrote on

Too busy making business cards than giving us our expression engine 2.0.. i don’t know, priorities these days.

Shimon wrote on

Hey, can I have one card like that? Thanks!

Wayne wrote on

Hey, that dude on the reverse side of the card kind of resembles you.  Great Stuff!

MajiD wrote on

That’s awesome.
I love working for companies who care about being creative

ny web design wrote on

ohhhhhhh derek .... you like a superman !!! ..LOL

awesome cards ... cheers