failed screencast

So, I just spent the last hour getting a screencast built to show how you can start using ExpressionEngine on your site now, even if you don’t “know” ExpressinEngine yet.  Good times.  Used Screenflow, had a sexy little video thing going… and then realized that I recorded the blasted thing nearly fullscreen on my computer (it’s a 24inch iMac).  I tried to scale it down so that it would fit onto 1 screen for most people, but then so much detail got lost that it looked like crap.

How frustrating.

So I’ll re-build it at some point in the near future, and for now, you can admire all my hard work in static, useless, image form ;)

the screencast in screenflow


Elitemedia wrote on

Arfff… you look so sad on the video…

Cliff wrote on

Why do we fall down mister Allard?

Niklas wrote on

Let us se it!

louis w wrote on

Dude that sucks! Call it a trial run and tell people you were planning to throw it out.

On a positive side, can’t wait to see it.

Tristan wrote on

Looking forward to it working, or you just send us nice large Mac screens ;)

Michael Sigler wrote on

You should see if you can’t save your work and send it to vimeo? They allow HD now. I’d also be more than happy to download a 2gb HD mov from you, though I doubt your hosting bill would.

BorisK wrote on

If bandwidth is the problem you can always share it as a torrent file.

Ty wrote on

Did you try converting the original to Flash video, that might help. you might even try uploading it to a hosted solution freebie account somewhere, maybe it would convert better, that converts stuff on upload.
Vimeo maybe just a suggestion:

Derek Allard wrote on

To be clear though, the problem is not the file size of the video, its the actual width and height.  Its 1920 x 1040.  That’s way too wide and tall for most people.  If I try to reduce its size to half that, the detail on the screeen is too small.

I’ll try again though, thanks everyone for the kind words!

Sarfaraz wrote on

kindly get the screencast up for people who has big screens so they can benefit from your genius. I think that would be better option then having it completely scrapped.

Steven Hambleton wrote on

I tried Screenflow but didn’t like it. Try out iShowU.

The file sizes are good, rendering is fast and there are loads more options for capture size.