Few notable links recently

OK, these are the laziest of possible posts, but there have been a few things I’ve found in the last few days that I wanted to bring up.


Lewis wrote on

Actually, I like these kind of posts as I can see a quick overview of what’s happening in the PHP-related world.

Jim O'Halloran wrote on

Thanks Derek!  I’d planned to announce the “Building a Complete CodeIgniter Application” series on the forums once I had at least the third part written, but I guess that cat’s out of the bag now :)


Woody Gilk wrote on

It seems that glider.js totally fails in Safari 3.

Also… proto/scripto is your JS framework of choice?! You should really give jQuery or Mootools a shot. Prototype isn’t bad, but is a *slow* pig compared to “newer” frameworks.

Cliff Persaud wrote on

Great resources.  Haven’t tried glider in Safari yet.

Derek wrote on

Hey, glider.js seems broken in all browsers at the moment.  Hmph.

It was impressive.  With respect to js frameworks, I’ve used jquery, and am using mootools on this site.  I don’t find scripto slow at all.  But I concede that the other frameworks are very impressive.  I’ve just been spending time in scripto lately, and find it pretty elegant.