Fluid, Campfire, DataMapper and useful links

In no particular order, here are some things that I’ve found interesting, useful, or funny.  Mostly useful.


A Site Specific Browser (SSB) that you can use to run web applications in.  I use it for BambooInvoice, ExpressionEngine and Campfire.  It rocks my socks.  Find it at

Growl Notifications with messages for campfire and fluid

I tried using Pyro as a client for Campfire, but it didn’t go so well.  It looks like promising software, but for now… wasn’t working.  Enter my favourite app from above, Fluid handles it like a champ, but one thing that was bugging me was the lack of Growl notifications (if you aren’t using Growl yet and are on a Mac, go install it right now).  First result in Google was Growl Notifications with messages for campfire and fluid.  :: sniff ::... its like they read my mind.

Also useful is the Fluid Icons Flickr group.  I’ve got to get one for BambooInvoice into there…


DataMapper is an Object Relational Mapper written in PHP for CodeIgniter. It is designed to map your Database tables into easy to work with objects, fully aware of the relationships between each other.  Well documented and with a loyal following, it looks like Simon Stenhouse has a real winner on his hands.  I’m hoping to find time to really sift through the code but so far haven’t had the chance.

[edit: And D’oh! I was a fool for not also mentioning IgnitedRecord at the same time!  Thanks for the comment m4rw3r.]

Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro  is a desktop program for managing your MySQL databases.  It runs beautifully, and I think I’ve mentioned it before, but was asked again recently about it.  The only catch I found is that with Mamp I needed to set the “socket” to “/Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock” when connecting.

ExpressionEngine Plugin: SS Friendly 404

The SS Friendly 404 plugin suggests relevant pages to users on your 404 page. It is used in your 404 template and returns suggested weblog entries based on the final segment of the 404 URL.  Well documented and cleanly implemented.  Well done!

jQuery Pumpkin

Found in the jQuery blog, the jQuery pumpkin had me smiling for 30 minutes.
jQuery pumpkin


Jack McDade wrote on

I just installed Fluid—gotta say, that’s an awesome idea. I’ve subconsciously been looking for this app for a long time. I just didn’t know it until now. Thanks Derek!

John wrote on

Sequel Pro (and CocoaMySQL before it) just aren’t in the same league as Navicat. I know Navicat isn’t free but it is cheap on mac and is soooooooo much better than anything else.

Michael Roper wrote on

Re your MAMP catch with the MySQL socket, try making a symbolic link to the default location that most programs expect…

sudo ln -s /Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock /tmp/mysql.sock

(You might have to create the ‘/var/mysql’ folder first..)

It also means that you don’t have to remember to set the socket for other apps/webapps that might need to know it… it worked for me anyway!

Jakob Buis wrote on

I’ve been looking for an ORM-buddy to play with my CodeIgniter install for a looong time. :P

I used to hang out with Doctrine but it’s installation with CodeIgniter is kinda…messy

A ORM-mapper specifically built for CodeIgniter sounds like heaven. I’m gonna play with it right now :)

Matthew Pennell wrote on

I’ve been using DataMapper this week on a GTD app I’m working on - it’s definitely the best ORM patch for CI I’ve tried.

m4rw3r wrote on

What about my ORM tool, IgnitedRecord?
It is easy to use, highly customizable and uses the datamapper pattern. The DataMapper CI library does not (it uses the ActiveRecord pattern).

Jakob Buis wrote on

Hmm…I took DataMapper for a spin and I’m disappointed.

I’m really don’t like 5NF and DataMapper should have a big warning label that it foces you to use it :-(

GD wrote on

Is it true that DataMapper needs a inbetween table for every relationship?
(See Jakob’s remark for 5NF).
For one-to-many and one-to-one it could be a bit overkill. What do you think?

Matthew Lanham wrote on

Didn’t know about DataMapper until i seen it on your blog been too busy to troll the forums lately :) must say it really does kick ass and the documentation is superb… cheers for the heads up :)

Amr Tamimi wrote on

hi.. an interesting post…
i have a campfire account :)
and just wanna know is DataMapper link is down ??
any help, i have tried many ORM for CI . but its :S ... I read about DataMapper .. but yhe link is down !!

Jase wrote on

I found Sequel Pro (the successor of CocoaMySQL) out performs MySQL Administrator. It’s light, fast and robust.

It was by chance that I found it. I stopped using CocoaMySQL after I didn’t like it enough, but had to use it once again which obviously led me to Sequel Pro.