How to Make Coloured, Non-Gradient Backgrounds in CSS

Inspired by Matthew Inman's "How to Make Square Corners with CSS", I hereby set out on a journey to reveal the one true technique to create coloured, non-gradient backgrounds for divs, paragraphs and other XHTML elements.  After literally seconds of painful research, I'll show you how to do this technique yourself.  Here's a sample of what you can expect to see.
coloured non-gradient backgrounds using CSS

To get it to work properly cross browser, you'll need to install prototype, scriptaculous, you'll need a server running Apache 3.14159 or higher, and...

oh hell, just go read his article, funny stuff...


Stephen Lounsbury wrote on

Funny article.  I think the ensuing argument about tables in the comments only adds to it!  ;)

Rick wrote on

Thanks, I always wondered how this technique worked, very retro!

Cliff Persaud wrote on

Could you post an article on how tables for layout are the best thing since sliced bread?

John wrote on

erm… funny.