I’m speaking at the first ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter Conference

I’m very pleased to announce I’ll be joining Leslie Camacho, Simon Collison, Veerle Pieters and a host of other brilliant minds at the the first ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter Conference in Leiden (Netherlands) at the end of October.

2009 ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter Conference

What doubly excites me about the entire conference (well… aside from the whole European vacation thing) is that they are specifically focusing on both of my favourite tools, not only EE or only CI, but both. The topics are balanced, the conference is very well organized so far… this will be a pleasure.

If you don’t already have plans, why not take a few extra days and make a vacation of it; and join us for several days of nerding out.


Jakob Buis wrote on

and I’m coming to see you :)

As a student, my ‘conference budget’ (both money and time) is limited. It’s great to hear that the first CodeIgniter conference is scheduled right on my doorstep (45 minutes by train).

Jamie Rumbelow wrote on

And I’ll be speaking too! It’ll be great to finally meet all you awesome people, and I can’t wait for the pre + after parties!

Awesome Derek, and I’ll see you there!

Matthew Pennell wrote on

I think I’ll be going to this too, although choosing between the EE and CI talks is going to be tough.

Looking forward to hanging out with [some of] the awesome EllisLab crew again, though. :)

Roberto wrote on

I’m just discovering Codeigniter and following all the resources related sites (including your blog of course :)).

I wish you a great conference! Too bad i can’t be there :(

Steven Woodson wrote on

I’d love to be there too but it’s way too far for my little budget to handle. Is there anything like this scheduled in the U.S.?

Derek wrote on

Yes Steven, check out EE Roadshow. Its in Seattle this year, and is focused pretty much exclusively on EE, but you’ll find many (many) CodeIgniter enthusiasts there.

I went last year (it was in Vancouver) and had a great time.

Steven Woodson wrote on

Ah great thanks, I just might make the trek out there this time. I haven’t used EE yet but I’ve heard so many great things about it and would love to learn more.

Maybe I can pick up some ammunition to finally get my boss to agree to start using it! We’ve been using CI for a couple years already so EE should be a pretty easy learning process.

Derek wrote on

Ah, then as a CodeIgniter show, the best ammunication may be that ExpressionEngine 2 is built on CodeIgniter. Everything you already know will be directly applicable. They share a codebase. Release is approaching, private beta has already started, and we’re hoping to advance quickly after that.

Odchudzanie wrote on

Finally being from Europe pays off! Not to sound mean, but most of the conferences I’d like to visit are in the US, now it’s your turn to suffer ;)

Adam Rotman wrote on

What about us poor Canadians? Anything lined up for us Derek? Or you could always stuff me in your luggage and smuggle me to Leiden….:)

Derek wrote on

@Adam: Canada? Wuz dat?

Actually, in fact there is. There are (semi) regular EE/CI meetups in Toronto. I mentioned the last one on twitter, and there is a facebook group you can join up with.

Adam Rotman wrote on

It’s this weird place where everyone seems to get along!

Oh awesome…So I’ll expect to see Verle, Leevi, Boyink and the whole gang down at Starbucks! AWESOME…lol

Gry dla Dzieci wrote on

Damn, I won’t be able to make it. And for the most random of reasons - my little sis is getting married 1 day later and I can’t miss it.
I hope you’ll at least tell us how it went :)

Keskowki wrote on

So can you tell me whether I can still come ? Or is it too late and it’s already full ? Could be fun.

Derek wrote on

So can you tell me whether I can still come ?

Follow the link in the article for more information. I’m not organizing it, only speaking in it.

rafl57 wrote on

I think this is a very interesting event but i find the starting price a bit high for a two-days conference.
Another question: how the speakers have been chosen?was there an open call-for-papers?
Anyway i wish you the best things.

Bajki wrote on

It’s still a lot of time till october. Expression Engine & CodeIgniter Conference seems to be interesting and it is not so far from me. Maybe, maybe…