I’ve been gone for a week, I need home for a rest

This is clearly one of the posts I write that belong in the “personal” category (where it is).  If you’re looking for nerdly goodness and don’t give a flying-fadoo about my personal life (and honestly, who really does?) then feel free to skip this post and just hang tight watching the RSS feeds for my next post on “liberating” wireless from pretty much any airport in North America.  If you want to know what I’ve been up to for a week, well then, by all means keep reading!

For the past week, I’ve been on the road.  It started with a (great) trip to the EE Road Show, and then led to a 14 and a half hour road trip, followed by about 5 days of coding, beer, and getting beaten up by Rick Ellis (not always in that order).  He doesn’t talk about it much, but Rick is a bad ass - a very skilled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player.  I’m much newer to the sport, but love it immensely, and whenever I get the chance to train with someone of his caliber, I jump on it.  In this case, that meant 4 consecutive days, (sometimes twice a day) of training.  I’m exhausted.  I’m going to see if we can dig up some pictures, but this time around not too many were taken.  I need to take a few days off before I go at it again, which is good because that training was sandwiched by a 14.5 hour drive, and around 12 hours worth of flights.  Plural.  Three of them.

At this point I haven’t slept in about 35 hours… which for some people is nothing… but me, man I need my beauty sleep.  Heck, when you’re as ugly as me you need as much as you can get!

A few interesting things happened while I was gone.  Firstly, Leslie Camacho (VP at EllisLab, and all around smart dude) quietly launched his personal blog at  I think he didn’t want much fanfare, but I’d love it if we collectively hammered his site with hearty welcomes.  Get on in there!

I also discovered how to get free wireless from pretty much any airport in North America - nothing ground breaking… but I thought it was clever.  I’ll write up a separate post for that complete with screenshots and instructions shortly.

Finally, my wife (bless her heart) stocked the beer fridge with a veritable cornucopia of choice.  Let’s take a look at the ingredients list here.
1) Haven’t seen my wife in a week (and this is really the key to the whole recipe);
2) Sleep deprived insanity;
3) Near total bodily exhaustion;
4) Much beer;
5) Friday;
6) Collect underpants;
7) ...
8) Profit!

One of two things are happening tonight… and l for one hope its option one ;)

Oh, and apologies to Spirit of the West for corrupting their song title.
Oh, and apologies to South Park for stealing the underpants… profit joke.
Oh, and apologies to Les for including his name in this post.
Oh, and Rick owes my left arm an apology.

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Jack McDade wrote on

Well get some rest Derek! You deserve it more than most. I for one am going to be hitting ingredient #4 shortly because it’s #5. :)

TheBrad wrote on

Oh dear. If an incredibly handsome fella like you requires “beauty rest”, I may need something akin to hibernation. *sigh* See y’all in the spring, I guess.

Steve W wrote on

That’s way too much for one person to do in a week. Although I bet it feels awesome, whatever rest you get for the next month is well deserved.

You haven’t slept for 35 hours? I’m dying after being up over 20!

Justin wrote on

Derek, glad to have met you @ the roadshow.  Little did we know that the two EE gurus in the corner could’ve made geeky paste of us if we asked the wrong question about 2.0. Next time we’ll be more careful. Good luck with the, er, profit!