I’ve joined the EllisLab development team

I’m very proud to say that I’ve formally joined the EllisLab development team as a Technology Architect.  In the near term future, I’m focusing on code changes to ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter in our goal to get EE 2 out the door (its a major task).  I’m looking forward to sinking a bit more time into the codebase, which I really haven’t had the opportunity to do.

Not many people realized it, but I was only onboard with EllisLab part time.  I’d spend a few hours each day working there, mostly in the support forums, where I acted as Senior Technical Support Specialist.  The rest of my day was spent running my business, which I’m fortunate was pretty busy.  So yeah, I was the classic “freelancer” - keeping busy with client projects and programming.  Freelancing was very good to me, but it’s a bit “unrewarding” (is that a word) to pour yourself into a project, and then have it end.  What I really wanted professionally, was to be part of something “bigger then I am”.

Now EE 2 development is underway, and EllisLab needs a few more hands on deck.  If ever there was something worth joining, if ever there was something that I want to have a legacy in… its ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter. So I did something that scares the hell out of me - I put my business (which I’ve proud to say I’ve built up into a nice little organization since 1999) on hold, and accepted a senior role at EllisLab. 

Time to start building up a new legacy.


John wrote on

Awesome!  Congrats! You very much deserve this!

Lee wrote on

Hey Congrats..

Bout time they locked you down full time. Are you moving or working remotely now? Keep in mind if you move you will get free lunches; they are in the office fridge with Rick and Leslie’s names on them… oh and don’t forget that Derek Jones’s lunch is always fair game so long as the last name is omitted on the container!


Jakob Buis wrote on

Congratulations, you deserve it, bla bla bla
While you’re at it? Could you speed up the development of CodeIgniter too? ;)

Grammar Geek wrote on

Woohoo!! Congrats on the new role. That’s so exciting!

Jonathan wrote on

Congratulations! I aspire to your greatness…

Yannick wrote on

Congrats Derek! I’m happy for you dude. I’m sure you’ll be a great addition to the DEV team at Ellislab. Keep up the GREAT work!

Todor Georgiev wrote on

Congratulations Derek! You are a rock star and wish you have a great time at Ellislab. Do the world a better place with CI and EE.

Matthew Pennell wrote on

Congratulations, Derek, working for EllisLab has to be up there with the top dream jobs in our industry at the moment.

Willem wrote on

He Derek, very cool! A lot of fun there @ EllisLab.

Derek wrote on

Wow, thanks all!  Seriously, its so nice to hear this.  I do consider myself fortunate - cool team, cool product, great opportunity, and fun.

Oh, and killer parties.  If you’re at SxSW this year… ;)

Madz wrote on

Hey Derek!

Awesome news! Congrats! :D

Charles Duggleson wrote on

Congratulations! Great opportunity and you’ve earned it.

cliff wrote on

You’ll be happy to know that unrewarding is a word.  The grammar police have been called off.

Paul Besson wrote on

Congrats. And I am sure putting the business on the hold will pay off!

Nathan wrote on

Hey, congrats Derek!  There’s terrific news.

(aka maadmac)

Web Design Company wrote on

Hey Derrek it si very good that you have joined the Ellis lab team and the CodeIgniter community

i am very exited about the development of code igniter, i am using it since the first public release

great news that you have joined :)

see you around