Javascript badass


jQuery.fn.utterlyDestroy = function() 
var jQuery(this[0]).remove();

to my global js file… because it makes me feel like a badass to write code like:


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Phil Sturgeon wrote on

If you want to make sure you leave no survivors, modify it to this:

jQuery.fn.utterlyDestroy = function() 
var jQuery(this).each(function(i,kill$(kill).remove(); }

Then it truly will be badass.

Bastian Heist wrote on

Javascript poetry - awesome. There should be a contest like this, just like in perl.

Aaron Reimann wrote on

You guys are so violent.  Can’t we all just get along?  :)

John_Betong wrote on

I don’t need these JavaScripts, my PHP scripts self-destruct all by themselves, without leaving any trace :)