jQuery User Interface is officially out

Well, I was greeted pleasantly by my RSS feeds today, it seems that the jQuery User Interface project has officially released. 
jQuery UI screen capture

This is great news, and I have to say (I’ve been using the UI components in beta) that they are brilliantly done.

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Elliot Haughin wrote on

So… This would rock so much with CI’s new JS Abstraction methods. Can’t wait to see it!


Miroslav Yordanov wrote on

Actually it’s still beta version (4th) according to their blog:

I’ve used some jquery UI components few months ago and they are working very smoothly since then (e.g. - - in bulgarian).

Nick Husher wrote on

Exciting, he’s here’s hoping they expand the core jQuery widgets to include things like buttons, panels, sliders, and other standard UI metaphors.

I like the hover effect on the bottom buttons. It’s cleverly-done as well.

Nick Husher wrote on

That was supposed to be “here’s hoping”

Edward Finkler wrote on

I just pooped myself

Derek wrote on

@Miroslav: nice observation, thanks for the correction.

@Nick, I added <del> and <ins> for you, but thought it’d be funnier if they were unparsed ;)

And Elliot and Ed, just let me say I share your enthusiasm.

Jakob Buis wrote on

jQuery UI looks great; but I’m NOT impressed with it’s performance.

Using Opera 9.27 it’s animations and actions are sluggish and unusable

Nice try thusfar: but it needs to be perfectly cross-browser compatible IMO…just like jQuery is :)