Launching your browsers in Private Mode with Alfred

Alfred AppPreamble: I’m a huge fan of Alfred App. This post isn’t about Alfred per se, but if you’re a Mac user, do yourself a favour and grab a copy. There’s a free version, and the “powerpack”. The powerpack is what is needed to follow the rest of this post.

Recently I’ve been tackling a lot of projects where the state of the app when “logged in” was different then if you were “logged out”. In order to test the app in both phases, I spent a lot of time flipping between staying logged in, and also launching the site in private mode (or in Chrome, “Incognito”). To help speed up the process, I wrote a few extensions for Alfred to automatically launch my browsers in private mode.

The extensions support Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Here’s what you’ll see now:

Grab the extensions and play around: Installing them is super easy, open Alfred’s preferences > extensions, and just drop them one at a time onto the “Drop to Install” box.

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For Windows users:

The best keystroke launcher is Launchy, and it’s free:

In Chrome, Ctrl + Shift + N makes a new incognito window. Private Browsing mode in Firefox is Ctrl + Shift + P.