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In case you missed the news from any one of a thousand different news outlets, fan sites or blogs… Apple has released their Safari browser for Windows.  Honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone on Windows would care, but I’m glad to see it released.  Apple has a cache that most companies don’t have, so heck, anything that makes people aware that they are using a browser is good as far as I’m concerned - I still get surprised by people who have not even heard of Firefox before.  Mind you, these are usually the same people who, when asked if they’ve heard of Netscape, nod absently.  I guess its nice that developers on Windows can test out their work without buying a Mac (or begging me for more screenshots… you know who you are!).

Even now that I’m on a Mac, I find myself going to Firefox at least 90% of the time.  In truth, I can’t live without Firebug or the Web Developer extension.  Heck, even colorzilla has a special place in my heart!  So now I start the process of hoping that Apple makes it as good on Windows as it is on a Mac.

As a sidenote, the Safari page is beautiful.  Check out the “12 reasons you’ll love Safari” list on the bottom.  Brilliant use of Scriptaculous if I do say so. Note to self… steal that idea….

Found an interesting article on Apple’s website.  It seems they recommend you calibrate your Mac’s battery.  I’m giving it a shot right now, although I can’t imagine I’ll notice a difference… makes me wish I had read that before I’ve been on this thing for 8 hours a day.

Also read that your Mac does not want to be “optimized” by which they basically mean defragmented.  Fun times.

Oh yes, and cool kids keep their docks on the left (or right… currently its left ;) ).

screenshot with Mac dock on the left

The beautiful wallpaper is courtesy of Wolfgang Bartelme .  In fact, he even makes the Photoshop source available.  If you’re interested, he has a short tutorial on how he made it available as well.

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Alex Williams wrote on

Damn I love my new Macbook too. I think i’m starting to become a fanboy since I just recently acquired my first ever iPod.

I sometimes ask myself: What was I waiting for?

Thanks for the links Derek. It seems as though “calibrating” basically means letting the fully discharge, then recharge. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Derek wrote on

Yup, that’s it!  I think I should also wriite up a quick post about all the little Mac utilities I’ve found that I can’t live without, and then I could solicit comments from others as well :)

John wrote on

Shhhhhh! Be quiet!

I don’t want everyone to get a mac because it will ruin it. Can all your mac related posts in the future say they are awful and then put the good bit in a safari only section or something.

Neovive wrote on

I really like the 12 reasons box.  The release of Safari on Windows is probably to entice Windows users to write apps that run on the iPhone, on which Safari will be the primary interface.

Brad Touesnard wrote on

Man, it’s good to see someone else with their dock on the left or right. I don’t understand why so many people waste vertical real estate leaving it on the bottom when they are on a widescreen. :S