MojoMotor, and my EECI2010 review


Well, finally back and enjoying the afterglow of another amazing experience; EECI 2010. Aside from the great things that happened to me personally (I’ll get to those in a moment), it was 3 days of pure and utter awesomeness for the whole ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter world. I’ll never get to hang out with a more awesome gang then the folks I meet through this world.

Rick Ellis said something unexpected and uniquely insightful during his keynote that really resonated with me. I don’t have the video in front of me for the exact words, but an accurate paraphrase would be “The community is where its at. In many ways, and all the important ones, the software is irrelevant.” As someone who has worked tirelessly over the last 3 or 4 years to build the software he’s referring to, I completely agree with this. The magic-sauce of EE and CI comes from the community of dedicated, passionate people around it. Its easy to forget that when we’re busy fighting deadlines and trying to fix IE bugs.

Now seems about as appropriate a time as any to extend my sincerest thanks to Robert Eerhart, Janneke van Amsterdam, and the entire Whoooz team. These folks put on one of the most professional, well organized, kick-ass experiences I’ve ever enjoyed. Every little detail was tended to, nothing was second rate - I wish I had Robert and Janneke organizing my day to day life… things would be so much better!


The highlight of the trip for me was finally getting to talk about MojoMotor. Mojo is something that I’ve been working on since around Christmas last year, and its been nearly everything I’ve been up to professionally for 5 months. Anyone who’s watched my keynote at EECI2009 knows that I’m a “social coder”. I crave community; and I consider nerding-out with other people to be foundational to the way I work. Keeping Mojo under wraps for 5 months has been killing me! I want to share, I want to say “hey, check out this cool thing I’ve been doing”, but we decided very early on that we wanted Mojo to come as a total surprise. Now that its out there, I’m glad we did.

Response to the news of Mojo has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m really hopeful that people will end up loving it as much as they love CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine. I few secret tidbits that not many people know about MojoMotor:

And of course, the journey is only just beginning for MojoMotor. The final round of beta testing with “real world” (ie: non-staff) testers is just getting underway, and after that we’re releasing. It’ll be in your hands quickly, I promise. The price has been set at $49.95. I’m looking forward to watching it mature and grow before our eyes.


PXLated wrote on

Hey Derek, Congrats, Looks like a very nice little tool!!!!

Daniel Decker wrote on

Bravo Derek! I had an inspiration for a CMS very close to what MojoMotor is, and as usual, EllisLab did it better. I am so excited about this and can’t wait to get my greasy mitts on it for my site. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Willem wrote on

Hi Derek!

Looks amazing. If i can help with translation files, i would like to help!

Jamie Pittock wrote on

Hey Derek, it was great to be able to say hi again in SF.  I’m already looking forward to Leiden.

Great work on MojoMotor!  The announcement was a complete shock but I can’t wait to try it out.

Carlos wrote on

Hey Derek, you rock!!!

This seems to be a great application for the community…

Hindi wrote on

The price of $49.95 is quite resonable.

pablo Boerr wrote on

Hey Derek, Great seeing you again, can’t wait to try Mojomotor out, I’d like to create some themes for it, looks like a fun platform to work with.

Hope you are doing well


Plamen wrote on

MojoMotor looks promising, but please, that background music is annoying!