MojoMotor themes

One of the things that hasn’t really been made public about MojoMotor is that it has the ability to be themed. This option is available under Settings.

MojoMotor theme switcher

Its my vision that down the line we’ll be able to offer a few official themes, as well as offer community contributed themes. More focus on this will happen after the beta of course. For now though, I’ve been working on a little theme that I think will go over good with everyone. Now I’m not much of a graphic artist, but it’s pretty slick work (if I may be so humble) for a code monkey. It could use a minor bit of polish, but at the end of the day, there’s a little something for everyone.

If you ARE a graphic artist, please don’t be too critical, but I would be very interested to see what everyone thinks! If there’s enough interest, I’ll make it the default theme.

Quite possibly the worlds greatest MojoMotor theme

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Greg Aker wrote on


Do we need to have a talk?

Eric Barnes wrote on

Have you have been spending to much time with pre-teen girls? :)

rob1 wrote on

I suspect it dates me that:

a.  I can’t tell if that’s all the same kid;
b.  My immediate response is to tell him (them?) to get a hair cut.

Paul Burton wrote on


Phil Sturgeon wrote on

Nobody can escape the Beiber-fever. It’s more of a threat to mankind than killer robots!

Simon Cox wrote on

Is that Comic Sans your using there???

Derek wrote on

Is that Comic Sans your using there???

Damn straight! I concede I’m not that great of a graphic artist but if there’s ONE thing I got right about this theme… its the font!

Kenny Meyers wrote on

I feel like someone has made this joke before…. hmmmm….

Werbeagentur Bamberg wrote on

I am a graphic artist and I have to say your themes are great - clean and simple - all what an intuitive website needs.
Keep up the good work!

Ryan Battles wrote on

Sounds like a great idea for a website: Mojo Motor Templates.  Glad I swiped it up minutes after your announcement at EECI!

Eric Woolf wrote on

lol I like the theme.

Im actually new to MojoMotor and just started looking into it.  What does everyone think of it?  Positive and negative?


Dave the Brave wrote on

Oh my goodness that is hilarious :-D

Hmm, actually no, that is genius…

Eugene wrote on

Derek, trully I didn’t read about MojoMotor, but shortly it is publishing system. So it means, that it is something like a blog, right? If so, then how it is better, then WordPress?

Derek wrote on

Hey Eugene,

Lots of information available at MojoMotor. It is not a blogging engine, its intended for simple sites.

Edinburgh Web Design wrote on

Does anyone know how MojoMotor compares to Perch ? Perch is a little CMS that I’ve been using and think is great but I like the idea that it is possible to upgrade MojoMotor to EE without rebuilding everything.