Moonlighting for ExpressionEngine

Well, its out in the open now!  I'm moonlighting at pMachine.  I'm like a real-life Bruce Willis... er... wait.  My title is Senior Technical Support Specialist, which is really just a long way of saying that I'm going to work my butt off to keep ExpressionEngine as awesome as it already is.  I join an amazing team of dedicated, smart, and hardworking people.  Its an honour to count myself among them.

ExpressionEngine is the content management system that CodeIgniter is abstracted from.  Its flat out awesome (but now I'm paid to say that ;))


Yannick wrote on

Wow that’s great Derek!! Congrats!! I wish you all the best.

Micha wrote on


Congratulations. I’m looking forward to ask silly EE questions instead of the usual silly CI ones now… ;)

Matthew Pennell wrote on

Congratulations, Derek, that’s great news! Now I really do have to find the time to get to grips with EE.

Nathan Smith wrote on

Hey, congrats! I’ve been lurking via RSS for awhile now, and just wanted to stop by and say I’m looking forward to seeing where both EE and CI go from here.

Bill MacKenty wrote on


Welcome to the pmachine team!

Derek wrote on

Thank you all!  C’mon over and join me now!

Sincere thanks all for this.  It means a lot.

Eric wrote on

Congratulations Derek.  I wish you much success.

Nick C wrote on

Congrats Derek! And well done for keeping it a secret up until now - must’ve been tough…

Jon Ellis-Jones wrote on

fantastic news, Derek.  Looking forward to seeing what comes next from EE and CI.

Anthony M wrote on

Congrats! You certainly have put a lot of work into the forums on the CI site. Your posts saved me a lot of time. Thanks for stopping by my site too.