More CodeIgniter video tutorials from the community

Video tutorials are a great way to learn, which is why I built my own video tutorial for CodeIgniter, and made it available online as a working demo application.

Well active CodeIgniter member, Elliot Haughin, has decided to raise the bar, and has started releasing a series of CodeIgniter video tutorials.  The first one basic pages module had some audio trouble, but overall looked great.  The second, Dynamic Routing, Models and Page Navigation has none of these problems, and the app is starting to come together nicely.

Another fantastic contribution, thanks Elliot!  As in my tutorial, its great to see how other people do things, even if you might choose to differ away slightly.


Yannick wrote on

Is this post some grand scheme to get me to start doing some more tutorials (and video one’s at that) ? :)

Good stuff by Elliot. I look forward to the others to come.

Derek wrote on

Thats right Yannick!  Keep writing! :)

Actually, your tutorials have all been great, and in case anyone is reading this comment and hasn’t seen them, here’s a search of all his CodeIgniter articles.