Multiple Account Logins coming to BambooInvoice

One oft-requested feature of Bamboo is the ability to have multiple usernames and passwords for administration.  Perhaps you’ve got 2 people in your company, who both issue invoices… perhaps you just want 2 separate accounts.  To that end, I’ve started working on a new feature of BambooInvoice, called “Accounts”.


In the early stages, having multiple accounts will simply mean having multiple admins.  Bamboo will not track who did what activity, there will be no different permissions, etc.  Basically, it just allows for a separate login.  Down the road, I’d like to implement a few different privilege levels for accounts.  Right now I’m thinking they might be “admin” (everything), “executive” (can do anything relating to invoices, but not change system preferences), “viewer” can see but not change invoice information, and “client” (individual clients will be able to see their company’s invoice history, including viewing past invoices).

The main thing with a permissions system like this is that Bamboo was not set up from the beginning to allow for granular permissions, so there is a lot of going back over to make sure I’m not accidentally letting an unprivileged account see something that only a privileged one should.  I can imagine what a mess it would be if a client logged in to see their invoices but also had access to all your billing information.  Yikes!  So it will be a slow process as I make sure I don’t mess it up.

For now though, I need some different icons.  C’mon you graphic savants out there… what can I use to represent “clients” that makes it distinct from “accounts” visually on the root system dashboard?  I’d love to hear your input.

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GD wrote on

Derek, i tweaked the icons a bit. I hoped you might be interested in some ui tweaks.

Brad wrote on

In retrospect, Derek, do you wish that you had incorporated an accounts system from the beginning?

Derek wrote on

Nope.  Bamboo was a “scratch my own itch” project.  Now it has grown beyond that.  If I had set out to build a system that was everything to everyone I would never have started it, let alone completed it.

Why do you ask?

Lee wrote on

An easy suggestion would be to just switch the colors of clothes/people so it would look different, but still use the same icon.  That’s if you don’t get any great ideas of which I have none at the moment.

Brad wrote on

I’m asking because I’m working from granular permissions on out for my in-house CMS.  Working this way has really affected many basic decisions about caching, templating, and storage. 

Your approach is distinct in that you were “scratching your own itch.” I think my project really is just about the permissions.  Once they are in and manageable, our company will have a chance to benefit from the features that come next.  It really helps my focus when devs like you let us peek into your dev journal.  Thanks for sharing.

Jamie Rumbelow wrote on


Any other future plans?

Rory wrote on

How about a lock or a key for accounts?  You’re essentially unlocking access to different areas of the app.

Matthew Glinski wrote on

Why not change the name from accounts to “users”?
I have never used your app, but from that image it seems that clients do not have access to the site and are only stored for history and quick-actions.

I personally use that aquality stock icons from and it had different colored icons for regular users(clients) and Admins(users).

phil hardaker wrote on

About the icons, I like the gumdrop people for clients. The first image I get for ‘accounts’ is a simple 3D filing cabinet. Like the drawings you see if you search Google Images for ‘file cabinet’.