Opening Firefox tabs at the end of the tab row

Firefox 3.6 was released today. I love it. Love it. One thing I wasn’t crazy about was a behaviour change when opening links in new tabs. Before 3.6, they opened at the end of the tab row, but now they open beside the tab you are currently on. Want to change it back?



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mareshal wrote on

Thanks a lot. really need that. google chrome is kinda annoying with this thing…

Paul Stone wrote on

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! That change in behaviour really bugged me too.

Zach wrote on

Could you explain why you like this behavior?

I’ve found personally that in browsers like Opera or Firefox’s old way, I’m constantly rearranging things so that all the tabs relating to one site are grouped together.

Paul Stone wrote on

Personally, I prefer it the old way because I always have the same websites open in the first four or so tabs (reader, mail, calendar, etc.) so that I can always go straight to them by hitting Ctrl/Cmd and a number.  Ctrl/Cmd + 2 for Mail, for example.

Shahid Hussain wrote on

Excellent info.You have expressed the change in behavior really bugged.There are many other browsers like safari or chrome which can be use to escape the bugs.

Scott Showalter wrote on

I actually prefer the new way, because it keeps related sites’ tabs close together. I have tabitis, so if I have a few million tabs open, and I open a link from tab 17 in a new tab, I want it to be tab 18 not tab 259.

Same goes for opening new blank tabs, but FF still opens those at the end.

So are you good at keeping your number of tabs to a minimum? If so, how do you do it?

JGarrido wrote on

The plugin Tab Mix Plus offers such a robust array of tab options, I can’t recommend it enough.

Matthias wrote on

Thanks for the hint. Most of the time I dislike this new behaviour.

If I have x tabs open while developing, I don’t wanna have a tab popup inbetween the first ones.

Daniel I. Mårtensson wrote on

I was so pissed when I noticed this change and no option in the settings to use the old behavior!!
I was considering downgrading or switching browser for a little while but decided to search for a way to solve this issue and found my way here.

THANK YOU! Seriously, thank you!