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Exciting things are happening inside EllisLab. We're internally testing ExpressionEngine 1.6 (in fact is running off it right now), and judging by how smoothly everything has gone so far, things should be ready for public use very soon!

If you use EE to handle "client sites" there are a couple of new features that you're going to love. Your job just became easier friends! Rick will cut off my use of the corporate jet if I say any more... so you'll need to trust me on that one. That said, these are significant enough that I'm going to delay 2 projects that I have "in the chutes" right now, just so that I can use 1.6 on them. The long term benefits make the small delay worth it.

And let me also say this: Its a tribute to how we handle beta software that the only bug I've found in the whole application so far is a hyperlink that was missing a dot. Way to go Paul and Derek - rockin the kazbar as usual.

ExpressionEngine 1.6.0


Micha/DrHackenbusch wrote on

I hope that “very soon” is very very soon… ;)

Charles Follymacher wrote on


Jon wrote on

I know you’re not an official rep of EllisLab, but…

Why do they charge for the forum module?

Derek wrote on

It’ll be worth the wait ;)

In fact, I am an official rep for EllisLab.  The forum costs $49.95 or $99.95 depending on the license you need.