Quick Link: Building a Bulletproof Contact Form with PHP

Matthew Pennel (of The Watchmaker Project) just wrote a short and very clear article on Digital-Web Magazine on handling contact forms with PHP entitled “Building a Bulletproof Contact Form with PHP”.  If you are new to the topic, or are just looking to get that contact form set up and working, then for sure, give it a read.

Great work Matthew!


mr.petruccio wrote on

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Jakob Buis wrote on

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mr.petruccio wrote on

Ye I know, I see it, but want read this article, so I ask help from intelligent diabolical robots who Kill All Humans

Derek wrote on

It appears to be back up and running.  Just a glitch I guess.

Matthew Pennell wrote on

Yeah, sorry about that - MediaTemple were doing some upgrades overnight; it should all be back up and running now, though.

mr.petruccio wrote on

Yeah, Thx I already read the article