Quick Link: CodeIgniter Directory

CodeIgniter Directory is aims to become a centralized point to find resources for CodeIgniter, an Open Source PHP framework . You will find here CodeIgniter related blog links, websites, tutorials, applications and libraries or helpers that will help you in your everyday programmer’s life - description stolen blatantly and unapologetically from their about page ;)


elitemedia wrote on

Hey thanks Derek to talk about it!

Did you know we are also reprogramming the website based on CodeIgniter and that we will release it for free and open source to the community? The name of the application is “Linkster”

I don’t want to announce so early something that don’t work 100% but you can see also some work in progress here:

Steve wrote on

Interesting that Joomla! was used rather than EE, I could see both being a good fit for it though. Just clicking around it now but it already looks to be a great culmination of resources. I didn’t realize there were international websites dedicated to CI, that’s pretty cool!

Derek wrote on

Yeah, I’ve been watching the project grow since you announced it.  I didn’t know about Linkster, but I’m thrilled to hear it!  I can’t wait to see the end result.