Quick Link: How to recreate Silverback’s Parallax

A stunning parallax effect, very nicely explained in a tutorial.  How to recreate Silverback’s Parallax
recreating a parallax effect


Troy wrote on

Found that site last week.  Very sexy effect.

James Nicol wrote on

Hey Derek,

It has been a while..

In regards to the effect, it is nice, but only really apparent if you resize which is a shame.

Lorenzo wrote on

I always loved the parallax effects of my Amiga games.
I think they reached monstruous numbers like 40 parallax at the same time.
BUT, this is good only for the developer with a lot of time in his hands, and we all know how many of theme are around =)

Jakob Buis wrote on

This parallax effect is great… and a complete waste of your precious time.
Start building some usable websites; with features that matter and actually will get noticed!