Safari, cookies, and lost time - the remix

During a recent ExpressionEngine site build, I found myself stuck for a few days trying to get cookies to work in Safari. Since actually logging in wasn’t particularly important to the site, I poked away at it a little bit here… a little bit there… but never actually solved it over the course of 3 days. A quick Google for the problem (EE forum search is darn near useless these days) brought me to Safari, cookies, and lost time from Fred of the fine folks at ngen works. So I fired out

echo date('c');
// I'll get you kids and your darn dog too!!! 

And lo and behold, the server clock was off! A quick support email later, things are humming along tickity-boo, so I’m writing this partially as a “note to self”, and partially to add my voice to the stream of knowledge that is the web.


Mark Huot wrote on

A note for myself as well since I just had this issue too: if you’re running multiple web servers check the clock on each. If one is off some requests may clear the cookies and others won’t. It’s maddening to debug.

Pozycjonowanie Poznań wrote on

heh, thanks for this tip, Safari.. yeaah