Second Annual ExpressionEngine Roadshow

Last year I had the chance to speak at the very first ever Annual ExpressionEngine Roadshow. I had a blast, I met a bunch of really cool people, and it was a great experience both as an EE dev, and as an EE fan.

Now in the second year – and second city (Seattle) – the ExpressionEngine Roadshow is coming up again. Its a conference designed to bring ExpressionEngine users and developers together offline. The conference offers something for everyone, newcomers included, but also provides in-depth development tips for advanced developers.  So far, the day will include 6 excellent, varied sessions on ExpressionEngine with breakfast before the event, and a great party and networking event after.

If you have the chance to go, I strongly recommend you get down there. You’ll learn tips, techniques and development expertise from others who have been using ExpressionEngine for years, plus meet people in the EE community. From EllisLab this year, Rick Ellis, Leslie Camacho, and Lisa Wess will all be there; as well as Ryan Irelan (of EE Insider and Airbag Industries) coming, and they’re working on several other big names.

Friday, October 02, 2009
Seattle, WA

For full information hit up the ExpressionEngine Roadshow site.


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