Simon Collison knows how to be a teacher

Fellow web-nerd, instructor, and ExpressionEngine aficionado Simon Collison has written what has to be the most inspirational blog entry written in Education for 2008, entitled Dear Students.

Its short and to the point, and while I usually don’t like quoting large chunks of other people’s writing (preferring you just go read it yourself) its hard to express the greatness of this post without getting both of its paragraphs.  Go read it first-hand anyhow.

Dear Students

On 12th March at 9am, I’ll be presenting the snappily-titled The Business of Web Design: Latest Trends in Web Design and Web-based Applications lecture at the University of Nottingham. This forms part of a great season of presentations for the Development of Digital Business module that also includes lectures from the likes of Microsoft, IBM and a plethora of others.

If you’re on that course, make sure you don’t get pissed the night before and oversleep in a pool of vomit and cigarette butts. I know what you students are like.

Now that is poetry.  Well done Simon…


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