South by Southwest 2008 : Day Three

Three weeks of late nights, (and about 5 days of being extraordinarily ill) have started catching up with me.  Catching up with all of us actually.  Saturday night was a blast, but it also meant hardly any sleep again ;)

We sponsored a brunch Sunday morning, lots of great casual interaction again, this time without loud music and beer (I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing).  In fact, a number of good ideas came out of it, and even though the coffee tasted like burned sawdust, it was worth it just for that.

I had a chance to hit the big trade show.  In general, it was a disappointment.  A new company tried to sell us on their “mashup” social site… Paul and I sat through about 2 minutes and then excused ourselves, and Paul membled “moblog module” as we were walking away.  Yup, EE does everything they were bragging about out of the box.  <sarcasim>OHhhhhh…. I can post blog entries from my cell phone.  Dude, you just blew my mind</sarcasim>

Also had an odd experience at the booth for the Opera web browser.  They had these big posters advertising their “next big thing” called “Dragonfly”.  I asked the guy attending the booth what it was, and he said he couldn’t tell me.  WTF!  The entire point of their display seemed to be to advertise a product that they “couldn’t talk about”.  I repeat.  WTF.  It would be one thing if I asked him, so what’s the next big thing you’re working on?  It’s entirely different for him to come to me and do that.

While I’m venting… allow me to indulge for another moment.  There was a booth there advertising their new web-framework.  Since I’m kinda involved in a round about way (sorta) with a web framework myself, I thought I’d see what they were about.  So I asked the guy “so what’s this all about”.  The conversation pretty much went like this (note the pattern, I ask a question he gives an answer that doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t make sense without a lot more context):

Jeez, go sell crazy somewhere else.

The night was spent enjoying some ultra nerding out over a great dinner (Derek and Paul ordered some very fine… very costly, but very fine… wine), and then retired to my room for some fine ale generously sent to us from Steven Hambleton of Hambo Design, and a nice bottle of wine sent from Lee Tengum of Made by Fresh.  Thank you both so very much!

I’m returning to Toronto with a renewed sense of excitement and energy and the possibilities before us, and the communities beside us.


Scott Trudeau wrote on

Cranky!  Too much drink, not enough sleep?

Alan wrote on

If you ever come across a bottle of “Jest Red” give it a try. It’s surprisingly good considering it’s Jest Red. :)

Sounds like y’all did a great job. I can’t wait for 2.0 to be released.

Tim wrote on

HA! I totally talked to those guys, too! I saw the word “lucene” out of the corner of my eye, and I ambled over.

Yeah, big mistake. They seemed kinda confused as to why they were there though. I felt sorta bad for them at the time.

Clearly not everything should be a framework.

Adam Messinger wrote on

Sounds like they were talking about Jaxter. Whatever it was, the person you talked to did a really poor job of explaining it.

atom wrote on

I was talking to some Opera guy about why I switched to firefox from opera, and It was basically that it was open, and is a kick ass front end development tool.  He hinted to me that dragonfly “might” be a developer suite for opera.

P.S. @Derek, it was awesome talking to you at Moonshine, you’ve got me all atwitter about EE2 and the future of CI.