South by Southwest 2008 : Day Two

Last night was a bit of a late night for us, as we polished our message a bit, and tried to make sure we were delivering everything as consistently in real-life as we were in our heads.

We gave the same session three times, which was the presentation of ExpressionEngine 2.0.  The big news of the day in my mind, is that ExpressionEngine is now built on CodeIgniter.  The implications here, whether you are a CodeIgntier-er, or an ExpressionEngine-er are substantial, and I will write a bit more about these in the upcoming weeks, but sufficed to say that this is very good news for everyone involved; EllisLab, and end-users.

The big “wow” moment, was Derek Jones demo-ing our new control panel.  It was inspiring to see the general reaction of the crowd.  Frankly, it kicks ass (as I said in my slide-show ;) )

By the afternoon, I was wiped.  A single large coffee and a cinnamon bun does not a meal make.  Nevin and Neal brought a great lunch around for us at 2:30 (thanks guys!) and I got significantly “picked up” for our afternoon question and answer session.  The session was incredible, with many people sharing their stories of how they use ExpressionEngine, and how they use CodeIgniter.  Its nice to get perspective from time to time, the tools I help built impact people in a very real way.  Very rewarding!

After that, party at the Moonshine grill.  Tshirts, booze, music, friends.  Is there anything else needed for a great evening?  It was a huge success, and I had the opportunity to hang and chat with lots of CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine users (and now, they are sort of “one and the same” aren’t they).

One of the things that’s really struck me over the past 2 days is how passionate our users are.  Interested and involved, and overwhelmingly supportive and positive.  Its fantastic getting to put faces to names (and forum names), and I’m glad people had the opportunity to chat with me directly.

One of the things you’ll notice about all of the EllisLab folks is how accessible they really are.  When else do you get to walk up to the vice-president and ask him about how the company works?  When else do you get to chat with the CTO over a beer?  When else do you get to ask the founder of the company what type of motorcycle he rides?  A great environment, and a great time.

And the night kept giving!  Michell (Solspace) a prolific ExpressionEngine contributor hosted a nightcap, and treated me a few nightcaps.

Day 3 is much less packed, and I’m looking forward to relaxing and nerding out a bit.


AJP wrote on

It was fantastic meeting and hanging out with you at the party. And I was ecstatic about EE built on CI. Definitely making me look forward to 2.0… someday ;) Keep up the great work on both!

Steven Hambleton wrote on

Will there be CI 2.0 to match EE 2.0 or will it be built on CI 1.6?

Derek wrote on

@AJ: thanks for dropping in.  I had a blast chatting, and appreciate the kind words!

ExpressionEngine 2 is built on the latest version of CodeIgniter, plus a few things that we haven’t checked into the public SVN because they aren’t done - but we do intend on releasing those when they are.

Elliot Haughin wrote on

One of the things that’s really struck me over the past 2 days is how passionate our users are.  Interested and involved, and overwhelmingly supportive and positive.

You can say that again. Business gurus say that the better a product is, the passionate its users are towards it… I think it speaks volumes about EllisLabs in general and what they do.

I’m really looking forward to seeing EE2 pushed to CI. Mainly because I know CI development will get even faster if it’s being changed to build EE2 with!