The future of BambooInvoice 2009

BambooInvoice Screencap December 2009I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone about BambooInvoice. Although a new version hasn’t been released since April, it is still very much under active development. The next version will be 0.9, and features a series of enhancements to make Bamboo more flexible, robust, and suited to a broader array of uses.

Despite earlier concerns about my choice of license, I can definitively say that for the near future, BambooInvoice will remain GPL. If I do change the license, it will be to another Open Source license.

On a technical level, I’ve put up the project at GitHub ( as an experiment in using Git as a code repository. This is my first time working with the system, and while the code is up there now, I’m not sure I’ll stay with Git - although it does feel nice so far, working with Git is pretty different from what I’m used to with Subversion. At the very least, major versions of the code will be put up there (ie: releases).

To the question of when, I’m honestly not sure yet. Its pretty close, but there are a few important pieces not yet in place, and I don’t feel comfortable even giving estimates or guesses. I can say development on the next release has been fast and furious as time allows, however the release of ExpressionEngine 2 has been taking up all my time in the last few months. That said, there is real progress; most notably

A full rewrite of the tax system from the ground up. Unlimited taxes, configurably applied to your invoices and items.

Additionally, here’s a sampling of the current changelog:

These changes are not currently reflected on GitHub, but I’ll add them as I have time. Additionally, there are some exciting potential developments from third parties that are currently being explored.

Its an exciting time in the life of BambooInvoice.

To those of you who have expressed support, wether it was donating to BambooInvoice, participating on the forums or writing me privately, you have my sincerest thanks.

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Nicholas wrote on

Perhaps a Creative Commons license with attribute and share alike is what you are looking for? BY-SA License

Stephen Crosby wrote on

Keep up the good work Derek, I use BambooInvoice regularly. I also fully support the move to git. Let me know if you need any help figuring that out (you’ll never go back to svn after you try git branching).

Greg wrote on

I’m loving this app ... I had quickbooks but it was such a PIA to use for simple needs like mine.

But I really hope that someday we can create an estimate and turn it into an invoice.

Matthew Augier wrote on

May I ask why the upgrade was only to CI 1.7.1 and not 1.7.2?

Derek wrote on

May I ask why the upgrade was only to CI 1.7.1 and not 1.7.2?

Typo :)


Matthew Augier wrote on

He He :)

alex wrote on

A very useful app. Congratulations Derek. A great feature would be that each client has his own invoice expiration date with a generic one by default.

kolorowanki wrote on

Wow, thanks for sharing this useful aplication, Your blog is one of the most wonderful places to visit:)!!!

Jordan Walker wrote on

This app has been paramount with maintaining organization throughout my billing cycles. Looking forward to the next release. Happy Holidays.

Tom wrote on

Looking forward to new developments, it’s a great invoicing app!

Miami Harley Rental wrote on

Good to see that software is developing and maybe in near future we will see the final product ready for wide audience?

John Davies wrote on

great updates! thanks for the heads-up. it is really nice to see that you are devoted to your craft and that you do everything you can to help fellow webmasters. great interface, too, cool robo-pics!

Mario wrote on

Great work with BambooInoice, I use it all the time and it’s great.

I started using Git myself maybe 6 months ago or so. I had used subversion previously and now that i’ve tried both I can defiantly vouch for Git. Once you get over some of the quirks it’s defiantly more powerful and quicker to use than any non distributed source code management software.

Cost wrote on

Thanks Derek. This is a great job.

Vitaly wrote on

Nice and useful app, thanks!
Just 1 feature request - to be able to put currency symbol before or after sum ($15.00 or 15.00$).

Hrvoje wrote on

Great job! Look&feel; is great. It is simple, but good, and quite easy to install.
I would suggest to add products categories, as ISV’s like me use often few same “items” like work hours, intervention or few different “real” items like appliances.
Keep doing great job! Thanks for a great app.

CJ wrote on

Absolutely great job Derek! Have been using Bamboo for a while now. Can’t wait for the new version.