The great adsense experiment on this site is over

Earlier this week I put a Google Adsense banner above the first entry on the page.  Most of my traffic is RSS, and you may have never noticed, but if you came to the site to read an article… or you know… visit the old fashioned way, then you were probably greeted by it.  After looking at it for a few days, I’ve decided that those ads are just not something I want there right now.  I mean gah, look at this… how fugly does it get?

my site made fugly with ads

I’m not opposed to advertising in general… but they are staying off of for the near term future.  If anyone’s interested, I earned a grand total of

I did though just move them over to the BambooInvoice forums where I don’t mind them as much, and they’ll probably stay there for a bit.

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Rob Davidson wrote on

Suggestion: put the ads down towards the bottom of the page, rather than at the top as it is in your picture.  You may not generate as much revenue as you would near the top of the page, but “some” is better than “none” and you’ll probably find it more aesthetically pleasing.  (An alternate would be to choose an ad size that would fit appropriately under your right sidebar.)

That’s what I did on  All the ads are down at the bottom of the pages.  I don’t get a LOT of money from the ads (roughly $200 a year from Google), but in my case I’m not looking to make a profit but just take some of the web hosting costs out of my own pocket.

Boyink wrote on

You made $8.60 in less than a week?  Man - thats waay better than I did when I experimented on  I think I did $10 over 6 months - but I had kept the ads to just the Jeep section of the site and not the home page.

Steve wrote on

I was going to say too that $8.60 sounds like a lot. I’m glad you went Au Naturale but I can’t fault you or anyone else for trying to offset costs with advertisement. I’ve never even tried it personally because i’m sure with my pageviews i’d get like $0.50 every year.

Michael Wales wrote on

I used to run an ad here and there on my domain - it never returned a lot but enough for us to go out to eat once a month or so.

On this latest redesign I decided to scrap them entirely as a matter of principle. When I visit an online store, or someone’s portfolio, advertising immediately makes me think “they aren’t even getting enough customers to make it by - they have to advertise.”

Why would I spend my money with a company that can hardly scrape by they need ot supplement their primary income with ads.

Of course - our two blogs serve different purposes, but when I think of I definitely don’t envision ads.

Derek wrote on

Hey Boyink and Steve.  Stop short-changing me… I made $8.61