CodeIgniter 1.6.0 “beta”

I’ve been quiet on the blog recently… but not in my code - and the same can be said of the rest of the EllisLab dev team.  I’m finally ready to say that the next version of CodeIgniter will be out shortly.  We’ve added all our completed* work into the subversion repository, and we’re just finalizing a few bug fixes and admin details before we go formal with it.  If you have access to the bleeding edge that is our SVN, please grab a copy and run it through its paces. Beat it up, inspect it… poke, prod and otherwise try to tear it limb from limb.

And let me also just add that we are not done.  Not by a long shot.  What is up there now represents much less then a month of development - and we’ve been doing massive work on ExpressionEngine 2.0, so this is all “trickle down”.  There are many more exciting things in the works that will make it into CodeIgniter shortly.

*What an odd choice of words… “completed”... Does it make you wonder what kind of half-finished but not quite ready for prime-time stuff is coming down the pipes?

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Jesse Terry wrote on

So exciting!  I swear, it’s sad how much my life has changed since I’ve found CodeIgniter!  Your work (and the rest of the team too, of course) is greatly appreciated!

iain wrote on

just the mention of ExpressionEngine 2.0 makes me start drooling onto my keyboard.

Tim wrote on

You’ve done an amazing job Derek. Congrats to the whole team at Ellis Lab, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the final release of CI !

James Urquhart wrote on

Hey dereck!

Glad to see CodeIgniter 1.6.0 is moving along the pipeline. Will be interesting to see what’s in store.

~ James

Jakob Buis wrote on

I saw the progress in the SVN already (update it once a week) and I must say it looks impressive.

Can’t wait for 1.6!

Stefano wrote on

I am glad you are still working on it! but, please, give a little preview of the main features!!! please! :)

Derek wrote on

Thanks all!

Yeah, 1.6.0 represents a lot of work, but I promise you, its just the tip of the iceberg!

Its a good time to be a CodeIgniter-er.