Derek Action Figure

Let me reveal the Derek Allard Action Figure to the world! Yup, that's right, an action figure! Kung-fu grip and everything. Well, not really kung-fu grip. I guess that'll be kind of obvious when you look at the pictures below. Jennifer Dungan is a former student of mine who now earns her living as a freelance web designer/developer. Despite being busy coding up actionscript wizardry, she finds time for her hobbies. Now some people (not me I swear!) would say that this is an unusual hobby... but its hard not to admire the talent, skill and patience that goes into a project like this.

Check out the images to see what I mean! But first, let's get one thing absolutely clear... this is a Derek action figure, not a doll!

It's a what Jen?... a "plush action figure"...

OK, let's get one thing absolutely clear... this is a Derek plush action figure, not a doll!

What is really scary is that it actually does look like me! Jen built the green/brown eyes, the dark hair, the beard, everything. For crying out loud I even own that colour shirt! In fact, that shirt is a running joke in some of my classes... (sorry readers, want to know the joke, you have to attend the classes)... which I'm sure is why she picked it. Check out the similarities.

And, to Jen's true credit, when she first met me, I did have longer, curlier hair.

Jen you rock! This is awesome! I'm so proud of my plush action figure. My wife thinks the doll looks better then I do, but to be fair, Joanne hasn't seen me in that shirt in a while. Obviously it isn't fully completed yet, and I'll update this post as it is. Oh and Jen, don't forget to sculpt my Schwarzenegger-esque biceps there also!


Jealous Nerd wrote on

Wondering if the “action figures” will be available for purchase for the Christmas season, and where can I get one?  Will we be seeing special edition Dereks in the future?  I think Nacho Night Derek would be fantastic.

Yannick wrote on

haha Awesome stuff! A series of “action figures” should be made. Perhaps you could put your action figure up against the “Kill all humans” robots. I think you would win and you’d “save all humans”. :)

Ankur wrote on

Haha, nice Doll whats the going price on these? Its an interesting doll, does it have key phrases?

Morris wrote on

Wow how lifelike it looks, hard to tell the difference.  Some students asked if it comes with long needles for those weekends when they receive large assignments.

Cliff wrote on

I gotta ask.  Is he anatomically correct? :-)

MoMar wrote on

I have seen this “plush action figure” in the flesh (or fabric I guess) and it is truely an amazing thing! I also remember it saying a couple of things when I met it. “Down with Internet Explorer”, “Up with Firefox” and “it’s not purple it’s lavender” if I remember correctly. 

bob wrote on

of course .....

Ron wrote on

Haha.  I remember Roy telling me about this a while ago.

Derek wrote on

@Jealous Nerd: Nacho Night Derek would be awesome! He could come with a little tiny beer bottle and a tiny jalepeno ;)

@Yannick: I’m not sure I could still take them. They are growing in number!

@Cliff: I’m too afraid to look…

@Ankur: There’s a little string on the back, and if you pull it is says "tables for layout is wrong"

Jen wrote on

Wow, there’s been a lot of comments already. Right now I haven’t really decided on a price, it really depends on home much work has to go into them since they’re all pretty much custom. The hand embroidery is probably the most time consuming part.

To Morris, I don’t think needles are going to do much good with it seeing as it’s had pins in it for a few months now and Derek hasn’t complained yet…

To Cliff, you just had to ask didn’t you… well aside from the "Schwarzenegger-esque biceps" no…

And to Yannick here you go

Madz wrote on

That it’s brilliant! I love it!!

From coast to coast, we all see the same Derek pattern ;-)

Great job Jennifer!

Cliff wrote on

I think one of the key Phrases should be Waawawa-wa-wa-waaaa-wa ala Charlie Brown.

Scott Lillig wrote on

Schwarzenegger-esque Biceps? Oh please, don’t you mean your abnormally large mouse button finger! And face it, whoever heard of a "Plush" Action-Figure ? It reminds me more of one of those voo-doo "dolls" and if you don’t come out with another great video tutorial for CI, I’ll be the first to poke a pin it! ;)

Ankur Jain wrote on

Hey I think tables for layout is the way to go ;)