Evolution of an Evil Robotic Chimp

Over the last little while, I've documented how this site is changing. I thought I had arrived at a pretty stable look, but if you are a keen observer, you may notice that the the hanging robot on the side of my site has changed. How do you start a blog post about a robotic chimp that's hanging out on your site? It's hard, but I wanted to chronicle the evolution of the hanging robot, and see if I couldn't find him a name.

This story starts with an innocent email from a good friend and colleague (and skilled artist), Cliff. He wrote the new look, but hate that hanging robot on the side.

The rest of the conversation pretty much went like this (to be honest, I've deleted most of the emails, and my memory isn't what it used to be. Cliff is much more eloquent then I'm about to give him credit for):

Then a week passed, and I had pretty much forgotten about the whole thing. Cliff's a busy guy with a successful freelance career, and I thought that was the end of it. And all of the sudden this shows up in my inbox last night.

Had a few minutes, was goofing around with Illustrator. You can have robo-chimp if you want it.

I laughed pretty hard. I saw an eerie similarity between it, and the evil monkey from Family Guy. I wrote I love it, but I'm looking for more of a bad 1950's science fiction movie type of robot. Then I left my email for a few hours while I went to meet with a client. Little did I know that my inbox was building up with a steady stream of robo-chimps!

And at the end of it, here's what I saw (each is linked to a full size)! I've included the original at the beginning so you could see the full evolution.

I like the last one... a lot. I think he'll become a mainstay on the site. So now there are only 2 questions!

  1. Which is your favourite? Comments are very welcome!
  2. He needs a name. The robot at the top of the page is Peepo, and was named by the original artist, Simon Oxley, but the robots on the side and bottom don't have names yet. Thoughts?

Edit: Ok, I have added a rotating classname to the sidebar to swap between all 6 images. I have to say that I love it.


James wrote on

The glassy head has its charms, but I think the Cylon (number 5) is a little more evil. The original is kinda cool as well though with his oversized claws and tiny head….

Cliff Persaud wrote on

It’s like choosing between one of my kids however I vote for Cyclops (the one with the red eye).  Does my vote even count?

For the others reading this I’m much more eloquent than Derek gave me credit for, there was much more swear words in our conversations :)

Derek wrote on

Hmm… I’m sensing a random image rotator coming on!  It would be trivial to implement, and I could show off all the “evil human-hating” robots!

Note to self… build image rotator.

An aside, since I’ve used the <q> element so heavily in this post (every quotation) it really bums me out that Internet Explorer still doesn’t render it properly by putting quotes around the quote… even IE 7. What a drag.

Here’s the Firefox rendering and the Internet Explorer rendering of <q>.

I’ve looked at some of the more popular approaches to fixing this, but I just can’t justify all the extra work for IE since it can’t be bothered to render things properly anyhow.

Note to reader… if you are still using Internet Explorer, please do the net a favour and browse happy.

Iyke wrote on

whats with your obsession with killing robots why do they have to be evil why not nice robots

love the site lost in space robot kicks ass

Derek wrote on

Um… what?