If all you know is Photoshop, you are NOT a web designer

Seriously. Recently I’ve had the "pleasure" of working with some pretty messed up projects. Basically, I've been called in to put out a fire caused by some work that another "web designer" had done. Here’s a newsflash, websites are not just single high-resolution jpegs inserted between <html> tags.

If you promise a client mockups or templates, then be very very clear what you mean by that. The number of people I encounter in my field who are providing a jpeg composite and then asking for the full paycheque boggles me. And I’m not only talking about small web design teams here - I’ve twice this year encountered large "agencies" doing this. In fact, generally the smaller or one-person teams produce much higher quality work, probably because their entire livelihood depends on doing great work.

So here’s my proposal. If you are a photoshop-demi god but couldn’t explain to your neighbour who the W3C are, then stop calling yourself a web designer and start calling yourself something else. Save web design work for someone who has a clue.

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Cliff Persaud wrote on

I totally agree. Graphic Design is NOT web design. Just cause you know how to throw together a phamplet does not mean you know how to design for the web.

Madz wrote on

Ha! That’s why I am so overtly conscious when it comes to coding ;-) I am not a coder by far and I am definitely not a designer but people often neglected the fact that the world wide web is not just a pretty picture. However sad it is, we are driven by the visual culture that we live in. Back end? yeah…not a lot of people care.

oh! love the new site :-)

Roman wrote on

Kill all humans, that know only Photoshop and call themselves web designers.