Igniter-zen-i-rails, my new PHP framework

There’s some discussion in a thread on CodeIgniter about microframeworks, and there’s always some discussion about the newest, latest and greatest PHP framework.  I know the market is a bit crowded, but here’s a little something I’ve been working on outside of my time at EllisLab.  I’m a bit hesitant to release it to the world, since it competes directly with both CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine, but its so good that I can’t help myself.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as me.  Here’s some highlights

Seriously, you should try it.

I’ve included my files so far.  Its pretty mature so don’t expect any more development on it.  You can download all the files here.

Update: John Fuller has built the first website on my framework, and even added a library!  You can see it in action at  Thanks John!  What license is your library released under?


elitemedia wrote on

lol nothing more to say…

leo wrote on

damn! its really fast.

Lone wrote on

This is a great start - really need a screencast though to help those using it for the first time :)

alam wrote on

Wow, the most powerful php framework that I ever seen :-)

Cliff wrote on

Wait is it faster THEN a speeding bullet.

Nathan Smith wrote on

Haha, that’s awesome. Just drop it into the root of any existing PHP powered site, and it gets 10x better!

Yannick wrote on

Sigh…where was this 3 years ago when I was building my first PHP application.

Good Stuff Derek. When is version 2.0 going to be released?

R_K wrote on

It’s 100% theft! One to one code copy from framework I use!

przemo wrote on

Yeah, awesome!

Tesla Coil wrote on

Here’s my framework that just SMOKES yours framework, I mean, no empty spaces or unecessary line breaks!:

<?php //insert code below

hendrik wrote on

You genius!

mr.petruccio wrote on

Yeah, reallt fast. I’ll use it

Micha? Stempie? wrote on

You’re to kind to release it free. It should have its own website and come in at least five different packages. I would set initial price to about 75$ per domain. Don’t forget about extra support levels.

Delapouite wrote on

I have a parse error on line 8;

Can somemone help me ?

Alex wrote on

Yeah just add this line somewhere a t the top :)


Cliff Persaud wrote on

I’ve built an completely revamped offshoot of your framework, I hope you’ll support it.

//insert YOUR code here

I’ll be charging people $75 per use and will be renaming it” Igniter-zen-u-rails Beta 2.0”

Eric Barnes wrote on

Wow that is just unbelievable.  I mean how in the world could you be so forward thinking to create such a wonderful framework?  I guess some just have it and some don’t.

Good luck with it and I hope the framework is purchased by Google for 100 Billion.

Rick Ellis wrote on

Must I remind you, Derek, that you signed a non-compete clause?  You’ll be hearing from our attorneys!

Alex Williams wrote on

I don’t get it. It doesn’t work. Some please help!!!

Les wrote on

Dang it Allard! What are we going to show at SXSW now?

Derek wrote on

@Rick: Get over it man!  EllisLab is a dying company.  Seriously, I mean when was the last time you were even bought by Google anyhow?  And when was the last time (before a month ago, and before a few months before that) that you even doubled your staff?  These are the hard questions that I ask!  And how are you supposed to survive if you keep giving your stuff away.  Open source is is for punks.

@Les: We could preview my new CSS framework if you want.  I call it Igniter-zen-blue-rails-print.  Oh heck… I’m too excited, I’m going to release it here now!

<style type="text/css">
/* styles go here */

In the future I plan to add support for external documents and many other exciting features.  So I guess that blows my CSS framework out of preview… Hmm….  we could preview my new javascript framework if you want!

Duke Justice wrote on

I will copy it and remove your name from it. Hope I can get away with it!

Greg wrote on

Ruby on Rails fanboys ... you’re officially on watch!

adwiin wrote on

Dang ! ....
the fastest one, I just tweak it and remove unuseable code.

<!—insert your html code in here—>

done ! :D

TermiT wrote on

It’s superb! :)

Jeremy wrote on

Wow.. shocked and amazed.

Hong wrote on

I’m fooled.

Mark wrote on

I need a lightweight Javascript library?  Anything in the works?

Igor Felix wrote on

Amazing!! Incredible!! I just can’t say how beautiful this framework is!

Sam wrote on

Haha! Way to kill my excitement, jerk.

adamp1 wrote on

I was actually excited, then I saw just 1 file and , wait a second.

That is a very fast framework, puts Rails to shame.

steelaz wrote on

I think I broke it or something, getting blank page here </sarcasm>

Bruce wrote on

I have 2 important questions:
Where is the manual?
When is version 2.0 out?
License, is it open source?
oops that’s 3..

Greg wrote on

WOW, I gotta say. This framework is pretty fast but still gets a real boost from opcode cache. I strongly advise everyone to use it with cache on production environment. Although it is so great, opcode cache doesn’t improve its performance that much!

Seriously though. If for some reason you do want something faster and simpler than CodeIgniter that does more, it does exist :)

dedenf wrote on


Sharofiddin wrote on

I can’t download the file. It’s empty :( I want to try your framework

Derek wrote on

I can’t download the file. It’s empty :( I want to try your framework

Ah the interweb!  I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.

For the record, my framework has only 1 file… it requires a bit of author work, but nothing is more flexible!

Sharofiddin wrote on

Ya I saw, there was problem with my browser, how can I donate :)

Gabe wrote on

Hey, no fair, I’ve been using that framework for years already!