Is it possible to drink too much coffee when programming?

Is it possible to drink too much coffee when programming? My heart tell me no, but the rest of my body twitches disapprovingly.

Next question - beer.

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Derek Jones wrote on

You mind is telling you no.
But your body.  Your body is telling you yes.

I don’t see nothin’ wrong.
With a little coffee grind.

Yannick wrote on

Derek: I see your cat also agrees. :)

Bryce wrote on

I like some code with my coffee.

jeremy wrote on

in answer to your question.. imho no.. in fact working at the coffee shop has proven to be quite productive, both in caffeinating and coding.

Derek wrote on

@Yannick: Funny enough, I took 3 pictures in rapid succession - I actually looked less grumpy in the others, but on the third one she jumped up on the table and posed for the camera, all in a split second.  After that, I felt obligated to use that shot. 

She later told me that I drink too much coffee…

Matthew Pennell wrote on

Being British, I feel obligated to point out that a nice cup of tea is much better for your coding skills… ;)

Jon Trelfa wrote on

I think that coffee intake eventually has no effect on programming ability (there comes a time there just isn’t enough caffeine).

On the other hand, alcohol intake definitely affects your programming ability:

Cliff Persaud wrote on

Your cat holds a secret.