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24Ways quickly became everyones favourite daily visit in 2005, followed it up with a great 2006, and since today is 2007, has started again today.  I just love the concept.

That said, the first entry is Transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer 6.  Personally, while I’ll ensure my stuff “works” in IE6, I’m not going out of my way to support it anymore. Can someone please explain to me why we’re still supporting IE6?

I should also mention Matthew Pennel‘s article “Easy cross-browser transparency”, of which this reminds me.

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Champs wrote on

We’re still supporting IE6 because it’s still in heavy use, and IE7 ain’t so hot itself.  When the 2008 list comes around… maybe not.

Unless you’re using an internal tool in an org sticking to IE6 for now, this tip, or any other that goes beyond baseline functionality is a waste of time.

Creative Jobs wrote on

We’re still supporting IE6 because (according to the w3c) 34.5% of people still use it.

Unfortunately not every is tech savvy and knows to upgrade to Firefox, Safari or IE7.  A hell of a lot of people still click on the ‘Internet’ icon and hope for the best.

PXLated wrote on

Unless your server stats say otherwise, IE6 is still gonna represent a sizable number of visitors. I don’t drop support for corporate sites until it’s down to 5-10% even though I give Microsoft the finger every time I’m working on a new site.
On PNGs…I used to really want transparent PNGs but I kind of got over it. Is it me or are 24bit PNGs a lot larger than JPGs?

Derek Allard wrote on

To be clear, I meant “why are we still supporting IE6 for transparent pngs”.  Of course I’m not suggesting that we don’t build our sites to work for IE 6.

jakob Buis wrote on

I always tend forget about IE6(I mainly do lone-wolf), and at the end of the project I often need to fix IE6-support through a number of (not so nice) hacks. Bad trait….

I still hope that some day Microsoft will make IE7 an ‘essential update’ and auto-download it in Windows Update. That would increase IE7-adoption greatly.

Madz wrote on

IE6 is just plain painful to work with, that’s everything plus PNGs :S

Michael Wales wrote on

We still support IE6 due to pride. While designing/developing a site we all sit there and look at how beautiful it is in Firefox/Safari/Opera/any other browser worth a damn and then we switch over to IE and cry a little bit inside.

“Fuck em - they can live without,” we say and we go to sleep.

The next morning you are sitting there, looking at the same two screens, and pride starts to step in. Do I really want to deliver a site that looks like this? Do I want my name attached to this?

Then you hop back over to your text editor and get iepngfix.htcrunning…

champs/rt53 wrote on

OK… thanks for that clarification.  IE7 *is* a “required” update, as much as any other is at this point.  Windows Update has almost tricked me into installing it at least once.  I keep IE6 around since it is lighter, the engine is more likely to embed correctly, and I can always use the VPC image from MS to test IE7, which I have no other use for.